Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shopping Hurts

Wow. I am BEAT. Why? Because I have been non-stop shopping for NINE hours! Yes, Cath is so much more hardcore than any other shopper in all of the world. By 4pm I laid down and said I was done. Her reply? "No, we gotta pound the pavement for 2 more hours!" Yes, I'm the girl who runs marathons...but I am telling you, shopping is SO MUCH more hardcore. Cath and I have been on a roadtrip up to Logan all day long stopping in at Boutiques and TJ Maxx (three of them) along the way. Here's some pics:

Cuuuuute little boutique in Bountiful

Chicken Salad Sandwich at Cutler's in Bountiful

I got these cute red Sanuks. I loooove em

Sugar N' Spice in Logan. SOOOO good!

This was one of the three. We have a thing for finding treasures in TJ Maxx. I love it, because you can always find that ONE amazing item that makes your trip worth it. By the third trip, the treasure hunt just wasn't the same.

FINALLY, dinner at the Beehive Grill in Logan. SOOO yummy!

We stopped at some other places, but I forgot to snap a picture. Overall, LOVED today and shopping with Cath. Next time, I am going to "train" for a few weeks to be able to keep up with this shopping animal!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Princess Photoshoot

So today I was on babysitting duty for my two nieces: Kali and Rylie. Honestly, I was pretty worn out after work and wasn't really in the mood to deal with kiddos (by the way, I have a HUGE amount of respect for working mommys...I have NO IDEA how in the world you do it)! So, I got to my sister's completely exhausted. Kali wanted to play Barbies, the one thing I hate the very most in all of the land. I wanted to watch Tangled. Then, we came to a PERFECT compromise. We decided to get all dressed up and do a photoshoot. Kali LOOOOVED this idea. She got all dressed up and got Rylie all dolled up and we headed outside. It actually turned out pretty good! I know that I am no profesh like my good friend Holly Robinson , but I was pretty happy about how they turned out for my little point n' shoot Canon! It helped that I had such professional models...prepare to be completely overwhelmed by the cuteness of these two girls!

Rylie, the most smiley child in all of the world WOULD NOT smile.

Kali said, "Kell, you better put these on your blog!"

Kali wanted some "booms" (that's what she calls boobs) to fill her dress

The stuffing came out a little

I decided to jump in and get a pic with each kiddo, even though I wasn't in my princess attire.

This was the face the WHOLE shoot. She was TICKED cause it was during naptime, which of course is something that I NEVER abide by when I have the kids cause I wanna play with them as much as possible. Once we got inside and pounded some Oreos, she was happy as a clam!

So there ya go, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Self-Proclaimed Taste Testers

Guess who FINALLY ran 2 miles today?! I got cleared to run a little bit and see how it felt. Honestly...a little bit sore. BUT, I did it AND I did it pretty fast. I ran two miles at 7:00 minutes each. Not bad for being injured/not running in forever right?? I am going back to physical therapy tomorrow to re-evaluate and see where we go from you should all pray tonight that I get to graduate physical therapy and quit being my "grumpy-because-I-can't-run" version of Kelli. Nobody likes her, especially me! So after we went running I thought..."hmmm I should probably do my statistics homework that is due by midnight and ignore my ongoing craving for frozen yogurt."...but then a miracle happened. CATH brought up the idea that we should try a new Fro-yo place that is closer than yogurtland. So, I straight up bailed on my date with statistics and we drove on over to the land of sugary goodness:

A new Fro-Yo place in Orem by Cafe Rio

I'm not gonna never forget a first love aka Yogurtland. I am still pretty partial to Yogurtland's yogurt flavors and overall "ambiance" BUT I loved the organization and topping selection of this place. Honestly, I am a conflicted woman right about now.

Dave is getting frustrated that Cath and I drag him out to Fro-Yo pretty much every other day. We took a picture of what we are going to look like in about a month if we keep this nasty habit up.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Catch of the Day!

Lesson Learned: NEVER let a six year old handle your camera with her sticky Yogurtland filled hands.

Why: Because for the next FIVE days, you will take pictures that don't quit look right, and your computer can't fix and no matter what settings you try to change, you won't be able to figure it out... until you look at your camera lens only to find a big sticky finger print directly on the front of it ruining all of your pictures that could've been THE BEST EVER...and then you will be depressed.

Moving On...

For the 24th, my parents wanted to go fishin. I am not a fisherman AT ALL. My dad has had a fishing boat for FOUR years...and I have refused to go for the past four years. My beliefs were that fishing is just an old person's way of saying they went "boating". I was NOT down with that. I am too hyper-active to be a fisherman...but I went...

My cup said, "Today is going to be a glass half full kind of day"...perfect for my attitude.

I told my fellow fisherman that the contest was ON and I was going to catch the biggest fish...guess who caught the biggest fish? Yep, yours truly!

This is pretty much mine and Austin's relationship in a picture...or how we feel about going fishing with old people instead of wakeboarding and skiing.

To help curb the "fishing boredom" , I made my mom promise that she would play travel Scattergories with me. If you know me, I am OBSESSED with that the point that my family won't play with me anymore. This was a joyous occasion, even though I lost (but STILL, I caught the biggest fish)...nuff said.

We decided to go swimming, so my dad said we needed lifejackets...these were all I could find. I am happy to say that I fit into that little Youth sized life jacket AND it actually kept me floating!!

Notice how it's all blurry RIGHT where my cool action shot is? Kali's fingerprint. Thanks A LOT!

This was Dave's big catch of the day: Seaweed!! Wahoo!

Silas kept catchin baby fish, by this point he had accepted defeat and admitted that I had the biggest fish of the day!


Since we were fishing, we needed to use the fish setting on my camera!!

Seal's fishy face is my new favorite thing

THANK YOU SILAS for fixing my camera! Look how much better it looks compared to all the other ones!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Car Wash!

Today, my great friend Kali came over to hang out with me. She is starting to freak out because I am heading back to Logan in about a month, so she is making all sorts of plans for us to have "girls day out" and sleepovers. Today was sleepover day. When she came, I talked her into helping me wash my car. She got a kick out of it! She told me that she wanted to wash cars when she grew up and I would be the best mom, because I let kids wash my car. We had a great time! She got so into it, that she wanted to wash all the cars in the neighborhood...I talked her into washing mine and Austin's, because I had a major craving for Yogurtland and knew Kal would love it just as much as me! It was a great day, and I loved spending time with my favorite buddy. In fact, she is laying next to me (actually more like on top of me) while I write this. What can I say? We do EVERYTHING together, even Blog! Here's some pictures:

Washing Austin's Car

"Kelli, do I look like a model?"

"How about now?"

My clean and shiny car!!

I rode my bike for an hour just before this, that's why I look sooooo good in this pic!

Kali's Yogurtland toppings: All candy

Kelli's: All fruit...with a little pinch of fruity pebbles for the added kick! I looove it!

Kali and Grandma. She was past the point of being good in pictures by this point.

GREAT DAY! I love this kid, and I am going to miss her so much when I head back to school!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The "Go-To" List

Everyone has a "go-to" list that changes quite often. It is the list of things that you "go-to" at different times in your lives. Although I am quite predictable aka everyone knows my favorite "go-to" drink is Diet Coke w/ Lime and my favorite "go-to" workout is "go-to" list changes ALL THE TIME. Here is my current "go-to" list as of TODAY:

My "Go-To"....

Candy: Yellow Laffy Taffy

Drink(s): Diet Coke w/Lime, Diet Mtn. Dew, and Orange Monster

Treat: Yogurtland

Song: Rolling in the Deep- Adele, Country Song: Dirt Road Anthem- Jason Aldean

Workout Song: Til the Night Ends- Britney Spears, Blow- Ke$ha

Shoes: Sanuks, Reefs

Running Shoes: Nike Frees, Saucony Kinvaras, Mizuno Wave Creations

Hairstyle: Down, with my bangs out of my face

Gum: Extra dessert delights- mostly strawberry shortcake and keylime pie

Lunch: Chicken Tostada from El Azteca

TV Show: The Bachelorette

Snack: String Cheese, Beef Jerky

Person to Call when I feel awkward: Katie

Person to Text when I am bored (I only text when I am sitting still w/ nothing to do): Luke, Tyler, Jessa, Jenna, Carlie

Favorite Day: Sunday, I love sleeping in and not feeling pressure to be productive

Book: On the Brink by Henry Paulson

Place to Relax: Riding my bike

Store: Nordy's clearance rack with Cath

"Winding down activity": Blogging of course

Favorite thing to jump-start me in the morning: Reading health/fitness blogs, love em!

So there you go! It was hard to think of 20 things on my "Go-to" list!! You should try it!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Major Leagues

Whilst I was at Dixie, we classified our apartment into leagues....

First, there was the Major Leagues...

Rosie and I fell into the "Major League" category, because we were the most serious about school. We were the ones that got straight A's and were deemed the "smartest" ones in school. We were the ones that had high aspirations as far as academics were concerned and both love going to school and getting good grades...

Next, there were the Minor Leagues....

Jentry "Gwen" Nelson

Carlie Tall

These guys were deemed "Minor Leagues", because they cared more about having fun than going to school. Although they went to school, it wasn't their top priority. It was their second priority to fun and they would pretty much drop anything that had to do with school if something fun came up. They lived by the motto "C's get degrees" and were always up for a good time (even though they still cared a LITTLE bit about school and went to class MOST of the time). Carlie made a goal of going to school every day for one month...last day of the month when she almost reached her goal, she didn't go to class because she was too lazy to walk to school. Therefore, she was a minor league captain. Ironically, Carlie is the only one that has graduated so far...

Last, we had the "Little Leagues"...

Ashley Kelly or AK

Carly Small...or Rover (our dog)...or Brick (Anchorman)...LOVE YA CAR!!!

These two were Dixie State dropouts our Freshmen year...nuff said.

So today, I felt like I was living up to my Major League status. I was sick all day (stomach crap) and didn't go to work. Most people would just lay in bed all day and watch Netflix. Although the thought crossed my mind, I couldn't stand the thought of missing an opportunity to study for my stats test tomorrow. So, I stayed in bed all day doing Stats homework listening to classical music. Such a Major League activity. Also, I applied for graduation and registered for my Financial Counseling practicum. So productive for a "sick day"! What can I say? I gotta live up to my "Major League" status!!