Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Half

Shoes = $120
Race= $55
Compression Socks = $40
Carb Loading = $35

Accomplishing my goal = Priceless

So, two weeks ago I decided that I wanted to run a half marathon, and I wanted to run it in 1:45:00, which is about an 8:00 minute mile pace. I felt like it was a lofty goal, but I could do it. So, I did quite a bit of 7-8 mile runs and a 10 mile run and called it good (I mean, two weeks isn't really super long to train for a half marathon). Well, I pounded that goal with my new half marathon PR time (this was my first official half marathon) at 1:41:52, or a 7:45 minute mile pace. BAM! It was a super downhill course, but I felt really good about what I accomplished! I decided I love half marathons, because it still is a matter of conquering your mind and accomplishing a large race, but your body doesn't take NEAR the pounding of a normal marathon. I think I have found my true distance! I had a great support crew come and cheer me on at the end! Here are some pictures:

Yes, I was DYING by this point. 

I didn't want a costume to bug me when I was running, so I was just cookie monster. Strangely, as I walked out to my car at 5am to go to the busses, there was cookie dough sitting on my windshield saying "To Kelli, Eat Me" idea where it came from...but fit the cookie monster theme!

My fun support crew...I love pictures after races when I look completely thrashed. 

LOVED the medals!!

To celebrate, I took Kali to our FAVORITE place...YOGURTLAND!!!

....She thinks she is getting away with stealing my race shirt...I've never had to deal with younger sisters before, and I NEVER thought I would have a problem with someone stealing my clothes who is SIXTEEN years younger than me!

The half marathon was fun and all, but the BEST part of my day was being surprised with Real Salt Lake tickets!!!

Gotta love taking pictures at awkward angles in the stands!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Running = Science

Any ol' person would assume that running is a pretty uncomplicated sport. You throw on some shoes and run for as long as your lungs can take it. NOT SO. I will show you everything that is going into my performance tomorrow in the half marathon:

Prev= Amazing. I don't know about anyone else but when I run my stomach has a mind of its' own. Prev is the perfect solution. It's all natural and helps your stomach during running. LOVE IT

I'm not totally sold, but I am giving them a try. These suckers are supposed to make your legs less sore whilst running and recover quickly after running. People swear by em, we shall see!

Glide- Absolute MUST HAVE. Put it on all of your hot spots on your toes, armpits, in between your legs and no chafe. BRILLIANT. My favorite thing EVER!

Shot Blocks provide energy throughout the race by giving the running straight up glucose to use. They taste like candy!!

Lucky Socks- Nuff Said

Compression sleeves. This is a first for me. I am worried about my legs being too cold and not functioning well, so I got these. They are supposed to keep the blood pumping throughout the calf to avoid cramping and give you fresher legs. 

I got amazing words of advice from  SUPERMAN tonight! I am so lucky!!

Headband and gloves so that I don't get frostbite!

Of course the genius of running shoes will definitely be helping me out in this race. I LOVE THEM!

Ipod Shuffle loaded and charged!

Running watch all charged and ready to go!! (Thanks for the charger Shannon!)

Tomorrow is the big day!! I hope it goes well!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

I LOVE October!!

October really is my absolute FAVORITE month. It's so so pretty. The weather is FANTASTIC to train for a half marathon. AND, it's the month of the greatest holiday EVER!! I love Halloween so so much! Dressing up, candy, pumpkins, hot chocolate are just a few of my very favorite things!! I've had an eventful past couple of days!! Here's some pics:

We weren't ready for fall break to end just yet, so we went on a night hike!!

Zac is such a fun hiking buddy...oh and when I almost fell off the cliff cause I couldn't see...he saved my life!

On Monday, we went out to the Pumpkin Walk! It's really cool, lots of displays of different pumpkins

Vanessa was LOVING these things at the end

Roommate pictures!! Wahoo!!

I'm gonna miss these guys in a few months!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I got HIGH!

WOW! What a weekend! I don't even know where to begin, and I am ABSOLUTELY exhausted from all of the action that has been going on in the past couple days of Fall Break up here in Logan. I will just explain in pictures!

Jordan, Mitch, Vanessa, and I all hiked the Crimson Trail. It was sooo beautiful!

Vanessa was LOVING finding all the plants that she learns about in her biology classes.

Look at this massive spider that we killed! Yuck! You better believe I used my zoom from a distance to shoot this picture. There was NO WAY I was gettin close to that sucker. 

Vanessa and I 

That night, we went to the Haunted Hollow. It's like the haunted forest. We all got pretty scared!

Cute sisters!

Today, I got to fly to Jackson Hole with Jesse (hence the title: I got high)  in his little four-man plane! It was AWESOME!!!

Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous...

Dramamine: My new favorite flight companion

What a great pilot!! 

After we landed in Jackson Hole

Flying above the clouds, it was such a gorgeous day for a ride and your roommates just want to have a slumber party...I must admit though, I am starting to have flashbacks of when I was a kid. I remember after slumber parties, I was soooo tired and grumpy...I am beginning to remember why I stopped having sleepovers. I need to sleep ALL DAY tomorrow to catch up after this weekend!

I hope your fall breaks are as good as mine!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Festivities!!!

Those of you that know me VERY well, know that I am absolutely OBSESSED with Halloween. I am one of those weirdos that doesn't like Christmas, and LOOOOVES holidays like Halloween and the 4th of July. Last night, Jesse and I tackled a MASSIVE pumpkin. After, he made me some of the best hot chocolate that I have ever had and we chilled listening to Jack Johnson and Norah Jones. Perfect night in my opinion!

These are the beginning stages. The pumpkin was SOOOO thick, it was really tough to carve. I am pretty sure my arms are more sore from carving this pumpkin than my legs are from running 10 miles earlier in the day.

Jesse tackled that pumpkin like a true man...I helped by watching. Kelli + Knives = Accident waiting to happen!

The finished product!! It kinda looks like Darth Vader right? I would just like to point out how big that pumpkin actually is! Look how big it is next to us!

I couldn't get a very good glowing one for some reason, so this will have to do!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recent Addictions

Senioritis has taken me by full force. 

I am soooo done with this semester slash my undergrad education. I don't even care anymore, JUST GIVE ME MY DEGREE!! This past week, it has been REALLY bad. I just can't find any motivation. I am officially burned out. So what does one do to cope? Takes on new/strange addictions....

If you didn't realize how weird I was in the previous posts, you will know FOR SURE I am off my rocker now...

Lately, I have been buying a box of Eggo's (so nutritious right?) for just under $3 and eating them for EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL.
 Breakfast= Eggo with Syrup
Lunch= Eggo peanut butter sandwich
Dinner= Plain Eggo with butter

Next weird addiction? Kardashians.

This show drives me INSANE. It's one of those shows where you watch for five minutes and think, "Oh my gosh, who would watch this crap?"....2 hours later, you are still watching and can't get off the couch no matter how hard you try. You just HAVE to see what drama is going to happen to the Kardashians next!

Getting the newest edition of Runner's World every month is like Christmas every 30 days. I can't get enough of reading about if just going running wasn't enough...

If I don't get my running fix from running and reading about running...I watch documentaries about running!
Netflix documentaries can account for a lot of wasted time. I consider it educational, so it's more beneficial than watching the Kardashians, right? Some great documentaries I have seen lately are the 2008 Ironman Championships, Bigger Stronger Faster, The Spirit of the Marathon, and Running the Sahara. 

Whew. I really do feel better now that I have admitted my addictions. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step right? Okay fine, I have one more thing to admit...I have completely failed to pay attention to personal hygiene all week. 

Guilty pleasures + running > Washing my hair and shaving my legs.

Happy Fall Break!

P.S. - Wasn't Modern Family this week SOOO great?! Go BullFROGS!