Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Festivities!!!

Those of you that know me VERY well, know that I am absolutely OBSESSED with Halloween. I am one of those weirdos that doesn't like Christmas, and LOOOOVES holidays like Halloween and the 4th of July. Last night, Jesse and I tackled a MASSIVE pumpkin. After, he made me some of the best hot chocolate that I have ever had and we chilled listening to Jack Johnson and Norah Jones. Perfect night in my opinion!

These are the beginning stages. The pumpkin was SOOOO thick, it was really tough to carve. I am pretty sure my arms are more sore from carving this pumpkin than my legs are from running 10 miles earlier in the day.

Jesse tackled that pumpkin like a true man...I helped by watching. Kelli + Knives = Accident waiting to happen!

The finished product!! It kinda looks like Darth Vader right? I would just like to point out how big that pumpkin actually is! Look how big it is next to us!

I couldn't get a very good glowing one for some reason, so this will have to do!

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