Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Large Media Groups

Okay, so many of you know that I am very interested in finance and economics. I am also very interested in politics. I have been asked a lot lately what my thoughts about the "Occupy Wall Street" movement of people who are boycotting and speaking out against Wall Street. So here are my thoughts...

Is the reason that our country failed because of Wall Street? 

Or is it because of the internal structure of our country? For example:

  • We have extreme regulations preventing business owners to have a free market and grow their small businesses to create jobs and reduce the unemployment rate. 
  • We have a very broken tax structure, which causes business owners to cut back on expenses and jobs...again, not creating jobs. 
  • There has been a consistent failure of lawmakers to do what is "right" or "honest", causing a lot of corruption within our own government and failure to create jobs. 
So why is this happening? Why aren't people doing things for the right reasons and helping their constituents in their states get jobs and produce wealth? 

My answer: Media Groups

Think about this for a minute. Media groups are usually the largest contributors to different politicians. They don't just donate to republicans or democrats, they donate to BOTH SIDES ensuring that their interests will be met no matter what the majority party is. They donate 50% to a very liberal congressman and then turn around and give the other 50% to a very conservative congressman. Why would they do this? Because they can buy these lawmakers and get what they want in the policy making process. What's so wrong with this? I mean, people on Wall Street probably do this too, right? 

Are people on Wall Street buying out the politicians and then getting their money back? 2 out of every 5 campaign dollars that are spent go to media for advertising in a campaign. You better believe candidates are advertising through the media groups that are supporting them. That means that they are GIVING THEM THEIR MONEY BACK in order to get elected. Doesn't that seem slightly corrupt?

So basically, the media has control over how laws are being made by buying out these different law makers on both sides of the aisle, and then they are reporting to viewers what they want viewers to believe. As viewers of media, we probably only see about 25% of the truth. Media groups are not going to report the complete truth if that hurts their company are they? I'm guessing probably not...since an ABC reporter had a GREAT story about children disappearing at Disneyland. It's a real problem, something that people should probably be aware of right? Well, Disney owns ABC, so you better believe that story got pulled. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the only story that wasn't reported to save the media companies. 

So before we start occupying Wall Street and blaming all of our problems on Wall Street....maybe we should consider the big picture and where the corruption really begins...I believe it's in the media corruption of our country. 

Just my thoughts. I hope I didn't offend anyone!

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