Monday, April 30, 2012

My Weekend With My Favorite Person

I'm sooooo sad this weekend is over! It just flew by so dang fast! My Monday was the worst Monday I have had in a LONG time, cause Alex flew back to Utah this morning! We did A TON this weekend! It was so fun to have three solid days with my favorite guy! 

Here's how the rest of the weekend went down:

On Friday night, I mentioned that I heard Eastern Market had really good breakfast. I told Alex that we didn't have to go, because I knew he was tired and you have to get there early to get in line and get breakfast. Well, the sneaky boy woke up early and stood in line at Eastern Market! He called me and told me he was getting our breakfast and meet him there! How cute is he?!?

After that, we hit up the African Art Museum and the Air and Space Museum. By then, it was time to hit the road to Baltimore. Alex really wanted to see an MLB game when he came out, so we drove out to see the Orioles game on Saturday night. It was a cool place, I am glad I got to see somewhere new!

On Sunday, we had a more laid back day. I got us donuts for breakfast, and then we went to church. After church, we hung out for a little bit and then went on a nice relaxing walk around Tidal Basin to see more monuments. After that, we got 7th Hill Pizza for dinner (Yum!) and then spent the rest of the night walking around the city. 

I'm SOOO sad he's gone, but SOOO happy I get to see him in one week from Wednesday! Here's pictures:

My tasty breakfast! Thanks Alex!

Such a cute boy

The Smithsonian Castle

African Art Museum

The inner harbor in Baltimore

The Orioles Game

It was SOOO cold!

Doing our best "Austin Face" on the Metro!

The Martin Luther King Memorial

There were a bunch of cool quotes

The FDR Memorial

We totally coordinated our outfits!

Jefferson Memorial

George Mason Memorial. He was a pretty cool guy! Alex loved learning more about him!

Alex admiring George

10 More Days in this city!

Friday, April 27, 2012


Alex flew in at 10:00 this morning from a red-eye flight, and didn't stop ALL DAY LONG. He is the ultimate tourist!

We got a lot accomplished today so that he could see all that D.C. has to offer! Here's how the day went down:

Lunch at Good Stuff Eatery (a favorite)

Capitol Tour

American History Museum (I sent him there while I finished up the day at work)

Natural History Museum

Washington Monument

White House

WWII Memorial

Vietnam Wall

Lincoln Memorial

Not bad for just one day eh?? He's a trooper! Here's some pics:

The Hope Diamond at the Natural History Museum

A massive snake! Scary!

I can't have a blog post without yet another picture of the Washington Monument!

The Man

The White House

The Snipers on top of the White House

Alex plans to move there some day...

My fat head cuts out the White House

World War II Memorial

My cute little tourist

The Vietnam Wall

It blew my mind how big the wall was and how many names were on it. A sobering experience. 

Alex and his favorite guy: Abe

It feels like we were never apart! I'm so glad he is here!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Treasury

Today I fulfilled my inner finance nerd dream. I toured through the United States Treasury. My friend Landon Finter (Fint) works there and for his last day, he gave us a tour. It was so exciting! I loved it so much, I really just ate the whole thing up. I am so sad that Fint is going back to Provo tomorrow...but WAY excited to meet up for J-Dawgs with him when I am in Provo in EXACTLY TWO WEEKS!

SOOOO excited!!

The Markets Room in the basement. Apparently Tim hangs out here a lot!

We got to see this really cool vault that once probably stored really cool it serves as a chair storage room!

This is the Grant Room. Back in the day, people used to be able to come to this room to receive their federal grants. They also had balls in this room where they would invite a man and his TWO female guests (That's why we have Fint with his two female guests)

A cool frame filled with currency

This is the view of the East Wing of the White House where the First Lady's offices are

This room is the "Johnson Room". Andrew Johnson set up his Presidential office in this room, because Mary Lincoln was still grieving in the White House. The Secretary of the Treasury at the time didn't want to give up his office, but instead allowed the President to have the front office to his office. Crazy huh??

The Undersecretary of International Affairs office. This used to be Tim's office when he held this position. 

We found Tim's office. He wasn't there though...they said he was busy or something...I can't imagine why the Secretary of Treasury would be too busy to see ME!

Just practicing to be the Secretary of the Treasury in the future...

Our crew. I'm gonna miss these folks :(


Sad he's leaving!

SUUUCH a neat place!!!