Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Hello! So, I kinda failed miserably on finishing my story with Suboxone and now I don't really want to go back into it because it's not at the forefront of my life. If you want to hear my story, let me know and we can chat about it. Basically, everyone said getting off of it is impossible and cannot be done. I have been off of it for more than a month now and while it sucked and still sucks to have withdrawal symptoms, it feels SO GOOD to have that monkey off my back. 

So, I am currently unemployed and now have time to actually blog sometimes. I'm not going to go into the whole story with that. I am happy to talk about it to anyone who's wondering, but I don't want to take it all to social media, so I'm not gonna.

Anyway, I left Chase on Thursday and then went to Seattle for the weekend with some of my best friends and old roommates to visit my friend Ashley who lives up in Washington. The trip couldn't have had better timing! It was sooooooo good to get away for the weekend and be with some of the best and most hilarious friends that I have. I think if we didn't eat so much over the weekend, I would probably have a 6 pack from laughing so hard. I don't really want to go through the trip day by day but I will share a funny story which ended the trip pretty hilariously. 

We have played a game called "Dice" since we were in college. One of the things with dice is that if you lose, you have to have a consequence which is agreed upon before the game. So on Sunday night we decided to play Dice. We decided that a consequence for losing one game would be to put on my friend Ashley's competition bikini and high heels and run down the street. Ashley does bikini competitions and is literally TINY and SUPER ripped. So nobody wanted to put that sucker on. And everyone knows I just learned how to wear heels like 2 years ago. So of course I lose and have to do the consequence. So, I went ahead and put on the tiny diamond bikini and wore the highest high heels I have ever seen and literally ran down her street. It wasn't even late either. It was like 9pm. I think that is probably one of the most daring and hilarious things that I have ever done. But, it also summed up how funny and awesome this trip was!

So onto pictures (not of me running down the street in the bikini, but actually good pictures of the trip):

Our first full day, we went on the most beautiful hike. We may have gotten lost and ended up hiking 8 miles instead of 2 or 3, but it was worth it. Washington in the fall is unbeatable. I loved it. Most these pics are scenic from the hike because it was gorgeous. 

My parents are very big on getting their daily steps in lately, so I had to send a picture to brag to them how many steps we got in on the hike!

I loved being near the water and port towns. 

We saw some of the gnarliest trees

Me, Carlie, Jentry, Ashley. It was so fun to be reunited probably for the first time since our days at Dixie

More of the hike...

Jentry and I waiting to get on the Ferry Boat to Seattle

We went to the marketplace in Seattle. We saw them throwing fish which was pretty rad. 

It rained the whole day while we were in Seattle, but we really didn't mind it at all. 

We were slightly stoked en route to Seattle. 

More Hike Pics

Jentry climbed up into a tree that was actually really rad in real life

Carlie and I on the plane. I love the fact that no matter how long we haven't talked or seen each other, we pick up exactly where we left off. 

We did A LOT of driving to see different things over the weekend. I learned how car sick I get as an adult. It was rough, but it was a small price to pay for the sights we got to see. 

Ashley (amazing bikini comp champ), Jentry, Carlie, Me. 

We got really good at group selfies

Our last day we went to Olympia. It was such a rad port town. 

When we were in college, my mom would send us themed socks for the different holidays. It was only fitting that she sent me with some new socks for all of us!

I am so glad I went and got to see some of my favorite people and see beautiful Washington. We had a blast and I can't wait for our next girls trip!!