Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shoe Crisis

Does anyone else have a "shoe crisis" every morning? This is getting ridiculous. 

In other news....

I just finished up 3 timed tests and a second interview for a job I am hoping to get. It will be a pretty big career shift if I get it and I am SUPER stoked on the possibility. I will let you know what it is if I get it. I won't know for about a week. So basically I won't be able to sleep for about a week. Awesome. 

I met with a pain specialist tonight and it was rad. He prescribed me pain patches and pain management shots I can give myself for more effective pain management of my neck and back. Please bless this is a solution to this dumb dumb duuuuumb problem of mine.

I have taken a lot of time lately to focus on myself and my weaknesses. It has been amazing. I am pretty stoked on future possibilities at the moment. 

WEEKEND is coming. Hallelujah. I'm exhausted. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

A World of Pain

I have always believed that trials should be viewed as opportunities to discover our greatest weaknesses and learn from our struggles and make our weaknesses strong. 

This past little while I feel like I have been drowned in the fountain of humility. And I still have a ways to swim. 

Living a life with chronic pain (pain in my back, neck, and head) has been a struggle. It's been hard to even wake up some days. The past couple days, I swear it has literally taken three hours of talking to myself before I will get up and face the day. I'm not a depressed person. I hate feeling sad or being down. But day after day of feeling intense pain that I don't think will ever go away has been tough. It's tough knowing I will never accomplish some of the goals I have set for myself aka run the Boston Marathon. 

BUT, there's Silver lining in everything. It's the little things in my journey that I find myself being grateful for: 

I can now turn my head to see in my blind spot. 

I have been able to run up to 6 miles pain free.

I have the opportunity to cross train on the bike and weights. 

I have been able to give my body a much needed break. 

I have developed SO much empathy for those who live in much more pain than I do. 

Nope, I never though in a million years I would experience this. I believe 100% that I can overcome this and I will be able to live a full life and manage my pain. I haven't found the answer yet, which is extremely frustrating, but I won't stop trying. 

Enough bummer talk. Here's some recent pics on my phone:

This would be me feeling crappy one weekend. It's rare to find me up and moving on weekends. Usually I am flat on my back. PS- I am kind of obsessed with hoodies. 

Carmel Apple Suckers = My favorite candy of all time. I got a years supply. STOKED. 

I don't know how I lived so long without trail running at least 3 days a week. BEST THING EVER. 

Halloween with kids is the BEST!

Hard core sugar crash

I know I shouldn't, but shopping therapy has been a little bit out of control lately. Jackets are my addiction. 

Muddy trails don't stop me, they motivate me. 

Shopping for this jacket was my sole motivation to get out of bed (off my couch) today. I took a 30 day personal leave from work, so today it was especially hard to be motivated. This splurge did the trick. 

So stoked for November. 15 Days until Snowbird opens. Holla!