Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shoe Crisis

Does anyone else have a "shoe crisis" every morning? This is getting ridiculous. 

In other news....

I just finished up 3 timed tests and a second interview for a job I am hoping to get. It will be a pretty big career shift if I get it and I am SUPER stoked on the possibility. I will let you know what it is if I get it. I won't know for about a week. So basically I won't be able to sleep for about a week. Awesome. 

I met with a pain specialist tonight and it was rad. He prescribed me pain patches and pain management shots I can give myself for more effective pain management of my neck and back. Please bless this is a solution to this dumb dumb duuuuumb problem of mine.

I have taken a lot of time lately to focus on myself and my weaknesses. It has been amazing. I am pretty stoked on future possibilities at the moment. 

WEEKEND is coming. Hallelujah. I'm exhausted. 

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