Saturday, April 30, 2011

We know how to have a GOOOD time!

WOOOOW! Why is it that you always have the most fun in a place that you are about to leave? I swear, in the past few days we have met the funnest guys and done so many fun adventures! I am getting kind of sad that we are moving this summer now!

So remember that project? It was due by midnight, I got it done around 8pm tonight. 135 slides about religion=DONE! 7 projects due in the past 2 weeks= DONE! All I have left are finals and I am totally stoked on those!!

So tonight, after I turned in my project, we went to Sean Kingston in the streets. It was sooo fun! I had so much fun messing around and dancing with my friends. We had a fabulous time!! After the concert, there was a dance party that was actually quite fun as well!!

After dancing, Vanessa went to participate in this crazy thing where she jumps in first dam. IT'S FREEEZING!! So we went and watched her, and she did it like a champ! I'm proud to be her roommate. After, to warm up we went hottubin. LOVE. Relaxing, warm, in good company. LOVED IT. After that we ate cobbler and watched a movie at our great friend's house.

What a night. It seriously was sooo fun! I am stoked for this weekend, we have some fun plans ahead of us....
Here's pictures from the concert....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I would rather...

Okay so for my VERY LEAST FAVORITE class EVER, we have to read a 600 page book about the different world religions, and make a 100 page power point presentation based on what we learned. IT IS AWFUL! It has consumed my entire LIFE! I have never felt so bugged and stressed! I really can't even turn my neck all the way, because it is so tight. This really is making me mad, because I will think I got a lot done, then the next day I realize how much MOORE I have to get done. It's due by Friday at midnight, so we will see if that actually happens. Bah I hate school. So here is a list of things I would rather do then have to endure this stupid project:

1. Live in Idaho
2. Eat 500 pickles
3. Get ran over by a car on my bicycle and have medical/bike damages
4. Watch Dora the Explorer EVERY SINGLE DAY for an entire year
5. Sleep outside in this freezing weather
6. Swallow my dead fish Kroll whole
7. Be single for the rest of my entire life
8. Have buck teeth
9. Sit in a waiting room every single day for a year
10. Stare at Austin's "ugly" smile constantly every day for a year.

Yes, I would rather do those things that this stuuuuupid project! Bah! It's really ruining my life soooo much!! I hate it more than anything right now!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

People who matter the most

Okay, so last week was kind of a downer week. I got pretty slammed by school after my vacation, so I seriously was just pounding out project after project all whilst it was freezing cold outside and put me in a seriously bummed out mood.

So, it was soooo refreshing to go home and spend the weekend with the people in my life who truly love me for me and make me so happy. I got to spend a lot of the weekend with my best friend Jessa. We had sooo much fun! We ran 16 miles on Saturday and we seriously thought we were going to DIE! Luckily, we could go into the hot tub right after and it felt AMAZING! After our run, we rented Country Strong...highly recommend. It was so interesting to me and the music was AMAZING! I really loved it!!

Easter Sunday, my sisters' families came over and my grandma and we had a nice little intimate celebration. It was so much fun. We had a yummy dinner and of course the annual egg hunt. Luckily, nobody left crying at the end, because we all found our eggs and everyone was happy! Here are some pictures...

Austin and I matched for our Easter church outfits

My most favorite dad in the whole wide world

My cute cute sisters!! Shannon is pregnant, you can barely tell and she's almost 6 months along!!

My favorite egg hunting partner. She totally hooked me up!

Cousin pictures: Kali is smiling...Allie is plotting her escape...Rylie is trying to get the hat

Allie made a run for it!

We got her back on the couch, but she was NOT a happy camper!

Luckily, she would take a picture with me since we've become friends. She's seriously addicted to chocolate, so you can imagine the pure joy she had on Easter with all the chocolate. In each egg, there was candy and money. She would give me the money and eat the candy. Soooo funny! I love my family so much!

Monday, April 18, 2011

First I was sad, and then I decided to be happy

Leaving Cancun, discovering that Austin doesn't know how to frown

What a whirlwind of 30 hours it has been. I was extremely sad to leave my little paradise in Cancun.

Then, we landed at 10:30 last night, drove to Orem to pick up my car...and FINALLY around 1:00 am, I left my parent's house to Logan. Did you know from Orem to Thanksgiving Point the speed limit is 55? Neither did I. I got pulled over .5 miles from the speed limit changing back to 65. SO I got ticketed for 75 in a 55. Thank you retard cop for ruining my night. I just have so much money as a starving student that I would like to pay you for a ridiculous ticket when I am just trying to drive back to school in the middle of the night whilst NOBODY is on the roads or in danger. Awesome. Yeah, I was insanely pissed.

Got home at 3:30, woke up at 8 for classes. Went to an entire day of school whilst it's POURING outside and being informed that I have a huge "end of semester project" in EVERY SINGLE CLASS and finals in two weeks. Great!! That's awesome!!

Ran 5 miles. Thought I was going to die. That's what I get for taking a vacation!

THEN, I got happy news....

My new pet shark

I was registering for my fall semester, when I realized if I took on a little more this summer...I can graduate in December!! No more winter in Logan next year! In SIX months, I will have a bachelor's degree!! AHHH!! All day, I fantasized about my life as a college graduate. I'm pretty much waaaaaaaaaay stoked I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.


My roommates and I got a GREAT idea to go fish shopping. We kind of had an extreme impulse buy moment and bought a pet shark. His name is Kroll the Warrior King. He looks pretty rad. The guy that sold it to us asked if we had a "setup". We explained that we only wanted him for the next 2 weeks. He looked at us like we were murderers. I felt a little bad, but then the lady that checked us out told us he has a 14 day guarantee!! Wahoo!! We have him the rest of the semester! Did we buy a bowl? No. Did we buy food? No. Vanessa basically is very bitter that we bought a pet shark only to let it starve to death in its own filth. Jentry had a commitment freak out, saying that we could not commit to something as big as owning a pet shark. Basically...we will never get married. We can't even commit to a pet shark.

The shark already tried to commit suicide. After they found a large bowl and put him in it, they went searching for some paper clips to add color to his bowl (of course we didn't purchase any colorful rocks....I mean, we didn't even buy food!) They came back and the bowl was empty. There were some splashes on the table where Kroll had jumped. He was UNDERNEATH the table!!! He hates his life here. But who could blame him?? We looked up Bala sharks on wikipedia...apparently they are jumping fish. Thanks for the heads up Petsmart!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last Day

Today was our last day! It was so sad!! I wanted to soak up every last ray that I could before heading back to the cold cold land of Logan. We had a usual day, Went the the gym, I had my nose in a book whilst drinking my specialty drinks, we got family pictures by a photographer on the beach, we went to a very nice restaurant, and then Austin and I talked about life under the full moon at the beach. I can't believe it's time to go back to real life, I wish I could just stay here forever and ever!!

By the Moon Palace sign where we stayed

Reading in my hammock

Lunch time with Cath

Reading at the beach

The view outside our room

Waiting to go to dinner

Riding over to dinner

Waiting for my yummy virgin miami vice

Acting chinese

Acting drunk

Cath's maiden name is Barton so we thought this was funny

Scared we were going to get kidnapped. Another sketchy driver!!

Laying in the VIP lounge with Austin

Friday, April 15, 2011

Not Surprising, yet still heartbreaking

Guess who had to go to the Dr today??? Yep, you guessed it! Little Austy is living up to his reputation of seeing a doctor in every country that he travels to. I am getting slightly nervous for him to go on a mission if he keeps this up. He has gotten a really bad head cold that has moved into his chest. I feel bad for the little guy. He has laid in bed all day long and been miserable for most of the trip. We finally decided he needed to go to the doctor. They said he just had an infection, which is common after surgery I guess. Poor kid. Can't catch a break. It was kind of funny though...when they left to the doctor Cath said, "Austin, be nice to the nurse this time!"...after the experience we had in Puerto Rico. Luckily she didn't have to give him a shot.

Today was just like all the other days. Laid out all day. I'm reading a totally sleezy book called "LA Candy", which is like a book version of the TV show "The Hills". I am actually probably getting dumber the more I read it. But what the heck? I feel like I might as well indulge myself as I live this "getting spa treatments, drinking specialty drinks, and lay by the pool" kind of lifestyle for a week. Cath and I got mani/pedis that were super delightful. My mom, Austin, and I ditched the luxurious restaurant that the rest of the group went to and got tacos instead.

One more day!! I just looked up next week's weather in Logan. I am only slightly depressed.

My poor little miserable roommate


Showing off her cute toes

Livin the high life

Can't EVER go wrong with bright pink!

Diet coke and guacamole is something I could live off of forever

Instead of "cheese" we said "GUACAMOLE!"

Austin went to the restaurant and asked for churros the first night and the man said, "A few days more" a few days later he asked again and they told him they didn't have any, but to come back today and they would make some especially for him. He finally got his churros! They were really tasty!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Livin like a boss

Well today I branched out from my little lounge chair. We decided to go into the city and go shopping. Since we got a certain amount of credit from the resort, we took a Limo into the city. I was all super duper excited to ride in my first Limo...and let me tell you...I was EXTREMELY disappointed. It was like 5 million degrees with 80s music BLASTING and the driver was intent on killing us!! I seriously bumped my sweaty head every 2 seconds and literally thought I was going to throw up every last chip and guacamole. Luckily, we made it alive and my pain was subdued by a shopper's high. I have fallen in love once again. Once again with new running shoes we got for my birthday. I am seriously giddy when I think about how rad they are. So we went shopping for a few hours, went to a different beach, and got in another limo to head back. This time the limo driver had air conditioning and good music. He also drove the speed limit. The weird thing was...he pulled over to talk to his friend. I don't know if anyone else has heard about all the tourist kidnappings, but at this point I was really scared we were going to fall victim. This guy acted SUPER sketch. But, alas...we made it back to the resort. We ate some yummy dinner, and now I am going to sleep for 10 hours. Here's some pictures....

Our hammock outside our room

Our first limo, I was sooo stoked at first!

Thinking it was going to be so cool....wrongo!

After the drive, feeling extremely sick at Johnny Rockets

My new boyfriend. We get along really great...because he doesn't talk

The cool shopping cart!

I tried and failed at making a cool "soccer on the beach" picture

Love beach

My sick-tight new shoes!!

Party in the limo!!

I'm seriously obsessed

Modelling my new beauties