Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I would rather...

Okay so for my VERY LEAST FAVORITE class EVER, we have to read a 600 page book about the different world religions, and make a 100 page power point presentation based on what we learned. IT IS AWFUL! It has consumed my entire LIFE! I have never felt so bugged and stressed! I really can't even turn my neck all the way, because it is so tight. This really is making me mad, because I will think I got a lot done, then the next day I realize how much MOORE I have to get done. It's due by Friday at midnight, so we will see if that actually happens. Bah I hate school. So here is a list of things I would rather do then have to endure this stupid project:

1. Live in Idaho
2. Eat 500 pickles
3. Get ran over by a car on my bicycle and have medical/bike damages
4. Watch Dora the Explorer EVERY SINGLE DAY for an entire year
5. Sleep outside in this freezing weather
6. Swallow my dead fish Kroll whole
7. Be single for the rest of my entire life
8. Have buck teeth
9. Sit in a waiting room every single day for a year
10. Stare at Austin's "ugly" smile constantly every day for a year.

Yes, I would rather do those things that this stuuuuupid project! Bah! It's really ruining my life soooo much!! I hate it more than anything right now!!

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