Monday, April 11, 2011

We've made it!!

We have FINALLY made it to Mexico!! We are at the Moon Palace in Cancun and I think that I have died and gone to heaven. The weather is beautiful, the food is delicious, and the company is great! Yesterday started at 4 in the morning to get here, but we finally got here and I'm lovin it!! Today we have just laid on the beach and drank Pina Coladas all day long! I brought a bunch of books, but my contact broke (of course I forgot a spare) and so I get a headache if I read too long. So mostly I just listen to my ipod and work on my tan!! I even snuck in a little gym time, so I am one happy camper! Now we are just taking it easy inside before we go to dinner and a show tonight! I think I will just stay here forever....

Austin was slightly ornery...still recovering from his surgery a few days ago

We got to skip all the lines at the airport, thanks for sacrificing your appendix Aust!

Dinner. Unlimited Diet Cokes = Happy Kelli

Austin and I are sharing a room and we have a hot tub in the middle of our room for the couples that stay...don't worry, Austin put on his shower cap and we soaked in our jacuzzi....

My cute little roomie!

This was the first time Austin has ever been in charge of putting the bubbles in...obviously he isn't very experienced at putting the right amount in...

My favorite dad and I at the pool

No sad!

Cath did some water aerobics!! What an inspiration!

Austin is feeling MUCH better today!

More great times from our trip to come!! I figured it was easier to remember the days as they are happening!!


  1. bahaha looks like fun times :D

  2. So Jealous!! Looks like FUN!! Working on a Tan, relaxing, pool action, and soaking in jacuzzi.... PARADISE!