Thursday, April 14, 2011

Livin like a boss

Well today I branched out from my little lounge chair. We decided to go into the city and go shopping. Since we got a certain amount of credit from the resort, we took a Limo into the city. I was all super duper excited to ride in my first Limo...and let me tell you...I was EXTREMELY disappointed. It was like 5 million degrees with 80s music BLASTING and the driver was intent on killing us!! I seriously bumped my sweaty head every 2 seconds and literally thought I was going to throw up every last chip and guacamole. Luckily, we made it alive and my pain was subdued by a shopper's high. I have fallen in love once again. Once again with new running shoes we got for my birthday. I am seriously giddy when I think about how rad they are. So we went shopping for a few hours, went to a different beach, and got in another limo to head back. This time the limo driver had air conditioning and good music. He also drove the speed limit. The weird thing was...he pulled over to talk to his friend. I don't know if anyone else has heard about all the tourist kidnappings, but at this point I was really scared we were going to fall victim. This guy acted SUPER sketch. But, alas...we made it back to the resort. We ate some yummy dinner, and now I am going to sleep for 10 hours. Here's some pictures....

Our hammock outside our room

Our first limo, I was sooo stoked at first!

Thinking it was going to be so cool....wrongo!

After the drive, feeling extremely sick at Johnny Rockets

My new boyfriend. We get along really great...because he doesn't talk

The cool shopping cart!

I tried and failed at making a cool "soccer on the beach" picture

Love beach

My sick-tight new shoes!!

Party in the limo!!

I'm seriously obsessed

Modelling my new beauties


  1. you love your shoes! I love it! those are pretty sweet ones. it seems like you are having the greatest time ever!

  2. once again...the shorts match the shoes. you're a freak!