Saturday, April 9, 2011

Can I have my prize??

Okay so this post has been quite a long time coming...I just had to finally come to terms with the declaration that I am about to make:


Yep, they made me a VERY angry customer!!! So here's what happened....

One chilly Friday in January Jentry, Vanessa, and I all decided to go to Wingers. Keep in mind, we were already VERY irritable for MANY reasons and one of which we were EXTREMELY irritated. We have the landlord from HELL named Larry and he was making us reaallllly mad and we had no control over it. So at that point, we were sick of people that treated us wrongly and we couldn't do anything about it. That's the background of our mood as we walk into Wingers.

We get to Wingers and sit down. As we sit down we are just totally venting to each other about how absolutely RIDICULOUS Larry is as our waitress comes up. You can tell this waitress has had a bad day and did not want to be there. At that point, I felt bad for her and could understand having an "off day", so I was very polite and nice to her, trying to make her feel like this table wouldn't be a stressful table to have. So she asks us what we want. Jentry had a giftcard, so we said that we were just going to get waters and share this $10 appetizer, because the only reason we came in was to use the giftcard. So I admit, she probably was having a bad day and we weren't the IDEAL customers because she wasn't going to get a big tip....nevertheless....treat every customer the same, because they might not come back when they are REALLY hungry if they have a bad first experience. So we get our food and it is delicious. The only problem is that we don't have water to wash it down with. She did not fill our water cups ONCE. She didn't ask us if we needed anything else ONCE. She basically just sat at the bar area with her coworker with a big fat SCOWL on her face.

As we are eating, we see on the big blackboard "Figure out this riddle and get a prize" or something to that extent. Well Vanessa LOVES riddles and stuff like that. So of course she figured it out. She told the waitress and the waitress said, "Yes, that's the answer I will be back with your prize."

Instead she came back with the check.

So Vanessa asked again, "Can I get my prize?"


AGAIN, "Can I have my prize?"

She was COMPLETELY ignoring us.

So as she's helping the people across from us, Vanessa yells over, "CAN I HAVE MY PRIZE?!"


At this point, we were OUTRAGED with society. We felt WRONGED!! We deserved better service AND the prize (which we later found out was Asphalt pie).

On the bottom of the receipt you can go fill out the survey about your experience at Wingers. And let me tell you...we FILLED that sucker out. We ripped on her and our experience to our heart's content. We felt like we finally had control of one sucky situation in our lives.

A few days later we receive a call from the manager at Wingers explaining she is very sorry and she is going to send us some coupons and free stuff in the mail to make up for it and to ensure that we come back and get treated better....

Guess what never came in the mail??

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