Saturday, April 30, 2011

We know how to have a GOOOD time!

WOOOOW! Why is it that you always have the most fun in a place that you are about to leave? I swear, in the past few days we have met the funnest guys and done so many fun adventures! I am getting kind of sad that we are moving this summer now!

So remember that project? It was due by midnight, I got it done around 8pm tonight. 135 slides about religion=DONE! 7 projects due in the past 2 weeks= DONE! All I have left are finals and I am totally stoked on those!!

So tonight, after I turned in my project, we went to Sean Kingston in the streets. It was sooo fun! I had so much fun messing around and dancing with my friends. We had a fabulous time!! After the concert, there was a dance party that was actually quite fun as well!!

After dancing, Vanessa went to participate in this crazy thing where she jumps in first dam. IT'S FREEEZING!! So we went and watched her, and she did it like a champ! I'm proud to be her roommate. After, to warm up we went hottubin. LOVE. Relaxing, warm, in good company. LOVED IT. After that we ate cobbler and watched a movie at our great friend's house.

What a night. It seriously was sooo fun! I am stoked for this weekend, we have some fun plans ahead of us....
Here's pictures from the concert....

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