Friday, April 15, 2011

Not Surprising, yet still heartbreaking

Guess who had to go to the Dr today??? Yep, you guessed it! Little Austy is living up to his reputation of seeing a doctor in every country that he travels to. I am getting slightly nervous for him to go on a mission if he keeps this up. He has gotten a really bad head cold that has moved into his chest. I feel bad for the little guy. He has laid in bed all day long and been miserable for most of the trip. We finally decided he needed to go to the doctor. They said he just had an infection, which is common after surgery I guess. Poor kid. Can't catch a break. It was kind of funny though...when they left to the doctor Cath said, "Austin, be nice to the nurse this time!"...after the experience we had in Puerto Rico. Luckily she didn't have to give him a shot.

Today was just like all the other days. Laid out all day. I'm reading a totally sleezy book called "LA Candy", which is like a book version of the TV show "The Hills". I am actually probably getting dumber the more I read it. But what the heck? I feel like I might as well indulge myself as I live this "getting spa treatments, drinking specialty drinks, and lay by the pool" kind of lifestyle for a week. Cath and I got mani/pedis that were super delightful. My mom, Austin, and I ditched the luxurious restaurant that the rest of the group went to and got tacos instead.

One more day!! I just looked up next week's weather in Logan. I am only slightly depressed.

My poor little miserable roommate


Showing off her cute toes

Livin the high life

Can't EVER go wrong with bright pink!

Diet coke and guacamole is something I could live off of forever

Instead of "cheese" we said "GUACAMOLE!"

Austin went to the restaurant and asked for churros the first night and the man said, "A few days more" a few days later he asked again and they told him they didn't have any, but to come back today and they would make some especially for him. He finally got his churros! They were really tasty!

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