Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Terrible Timing

Austin and I after a VERY long day in Puerto Rico

So I have a little brother who I am now convinced that I cannot take ANYWHERE. Seriously. Story time....

Back when I was 10 and Austin was 5 we went on a nice luxury family vacation to Hawaii. On the first day we were extremely excited to go to the beach. Since this was our first time to Hawaii, we were running around playing in the waves and having a great time. Until Austin ran into some quarrel and said, "Ouch"...well we look down and there is MASSIVE amounts of blood coming from his foot. At this point, he decided to start screaming. We look down and his toe is literally HANGING from his foot. It was extremely intense. So, since I was only 10 my parents made me go with him to the Dr. Well, we drove all around the island trying to find some medical attention. There wasn't any legit doctors ANYWHERE. They were all witch doctors whose magical powers could not get all the sand out of his wound and get his toe back on. FINALLY, we get to the hospital. Well, since I am a child I have to wait in the waiting room for HOURS as I hear wailing and gnashing of teeth to get that toe back on! It was THE WORST DAY. Followed by a week of a very sad 5 year old that could not go in the water his entire Hawaiian vacation- BUT still has his pinky toe.


5 Years ago, we are on a nice Caribbean vacation. The only members of my family that went were my mom, Austin, and I. It started out FABULOUS...until another accident occurred. We were on our ship's very own private island, when my little bro decides to go down a water slide head first. CRACK! Yep, he thought he was paralyzed. They rushed him back to the ship and put a big old cast on his neck. They told us because of liability issues, we had to go to the hospital in Puerto Rico the next day to make sure he was okay. Not the ideal way to spend a day in Puerto Rico, but how bad could it be? IT WAS BAD!! After spending five million years in the waiting room, we finally get in to see the doctor. Although we don't exactly have a way to communicate with the Dr, we do the best we can using universal hand signals and such. He determined Austin needed to get a CT or some type of scan. Well, if anyone didn't know this...Austin has an extreme fear of needles. We could not understand the nurse, but we knew that she wanted him to pull his pants down so she could give him a shot in the bum so that he would be inserted with dye for a CT Scan or something. So, little austy freaks. His pants down to his ankles, he is SCREAMING and CRYING and SWEARING and RUNNING around the little hospital room while the poor Puerto Rican nurse chased him down and stuck him in the bum. It was honestly the most hilarious/horrifying moment of my life. Once he got stuck there were some extreme profanities and crying whilst my mom and I were apologizing using our best hand signals to the poor nurse. So yet another trip tainted by Austin's accident proneness.


We are in Peru about to walk through the Sungate to Macchu Picchu. Austin wakes up throwing his guts up. Instead of finishing our big hike after ten days, we are forced to take the train into town and give him some medical attention. Luckily our guide was a Doctor and made a make-shift IV for him to get some fluids and other medications. So we missed the big entrance into the Sungate because Austy got sick on the big day.

So here we are just a few days away from our big trip to Cancun and what happens? Austin has to get his appendix out. In the words of my roommate, "Man! You can't take that kid anywhere!"

Ain't that the truth. Get well soon buddy!!


  1. Seriously! Poor kid. But luckily this one happened when he was in the U.S. The docs said if it had happened in Mexico he probably would be in much worse shape. He did say funny things about you though Kelli when he was on drugs...Ask me later!

  2. Kelli this was so funny, but sadly true! Love ya!