Sunday, April 24, 2011

People who matter the most

Okay, so last week was kind of a downer week. I got pretty slammed by school after my vacation, so I seriously was just pounding out project after project all whilst it was freezing cold outside and put me in a seriously bummed out mood.

So, it was soooo refreshing to go home and spend the weekend with the people in my life who truly love me for me and make me so happy. I got to spend a lot of the weekend with my best friend Jessa. We had sooo much fun! We ran 16 miles on Saturday and we seriously thought we were going to DIE! Luckily, we could go into the hot tub right after and it felt AMAZING! After our run, we rented Country Strong...highly recommend. It was so interesting to me and the music was AMAZING! I really loved it!!

Easter Sunday, my sisters' families came over and my grandma and we had a nice little intimate celebration. It was so much fun. We had a yummy dinner and of course the annual egg hunt. Luckily, nobody left crying at the end, because we all found our eggs and everyone was happy! Here are some pictures...

Austin and I matched for our Easter church outfits

My most favorite dad in the whole wide world

My cute cute sisters!! Shannon is pregnant, you can barely tell and she's almost 6 months along!!

My favorite egg hunting partner. She totally hooked me up!

Cousin pictures: Kali is smiling...Allie is plotting her escape...Rylie is trying to get the hat

Allie made a run for it!

We got her back on the couch, but she was NOT a happy camper!

Luckily, she would take a picture with me since we've become friends. She's seriously addicted to chocolate, so you can imagine the pure joy she had on Easter with all the chocolate. In each egg, there was candy and money. She would give me the money and eat the candy. Soooo funny! I love my family so much!

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