Thursday, December 27, 2012

Girls Night

So all this hype on facebook about Les Mes actually lead me to believe that if I talked myself into it long enough, I could sit through a three hour musical. 

I took a different approach- watch first hour, sleep second hour, and try to figure out what in the world was going on the third hour. 

I am so sleep deprived it is ridiculous. Last night I got six hours of sleep and I woke up feeling amazingly refreshed! That little power nap in the movie was the best part of my entire day! 

Overall, loved the music and the movie...but probably will have to watch it on my own couch whilst multi tasking. I don't do well with any movie over 90 minutes, especially musicals! It was fun to go with all the girls though!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

When I was younger, I always wondered how the older kids could sleep in past 5am knowing that FREAKIN SANTA came and there were presents downstairs.

Apparently...nothing has changed. I was the one (I live with 7 & 2 year old) that woke up all excited to see what Santa brought! It blew my mind that my 7-year-old niece was ticked off that I woke her up! 

Christmas morning was fab. We all opened presents together. I got a Kindle Fire, which I have no idea how to if anyone has any tips?? After presents, we headed to the mountains and spent the day on the slopes! I loved it! Best way to spend a day off in my book!!

I was soooo tired after. All I did was eat and watch my family put together a puzzle. They were all workin hard, and since I have the attention span of a raccoon and can't do puzzles, I dubbed myself the snack coordinator and kept them supplied with fuel. 

I can't believe another Christmas came and went. Loved it.

What kid doesn't like riding a reindeer on Christmas morning?? 

My sister and I on the lift!

The view on top was AMAZING!

Austy and I 

Such a beautiful day!

These pics are bad, but after boarding all we wanted to do was make a blanket fort and watch movies! Love my cuddle buddy!

The puzzle crew

Best Present: Getting LeBron back!!! He's as good as new!! WAHOOO!

Friday, December 21, 2012


I am not even kidding when I say my life is INSANE right now. 

I got a little bit of a promotion, meaning I am training someone and taking on more responsibilities and working A LOT more. And driving a million miles every day. In a rental car that sucks way worse than Lebron. It doesn't even have an ipod jack. It is seriously ruining my daily commute. Yes, I have many first world problems.

I am TRYING to be good and continue the marathon training....

And in my spare time (there is none) I am studying for the GMAT. 

I am tellin ya, I am on the go non stop. I don't remember when I slept longer than 5 hours per night. Life is just SO BUSY right now!

Oh...and I am living at BYU effective January. That will make the commute fun!

So here's some AWESOME pics of me enjoying the winter and snow this week. I had a BLAST!

The night it snowed really really hard in Utah County, I was on my way the gym when my pal called and said he was going sledding and taking their snow dogs to pull them! So I totally ditched the gym and fortunately had all my snow clothes and my snowboard in my car (I keep them in my car at all times just in case...seriously though...) I really think that "Mushing" is my secret calling in life. I am really considering going into this professionally. 

I am LOVING this winter weather, but after Christmas it better be gone or I might start punching people. 

I currently share a bunk bed with  my niece Kali until I move to my place in Provo. She is the best roommate ever. She leaves chocolate on my pillow ever night. Best thing that ever happened to me. She's really sad I am not staying forever...I am thinkin this is probably her way of showing me what I could be having if I stayed...

After work, I met up with my pals and went night boarding. It was SO FUN! I am so in love with snowboarding it is ridiculous. I work like ten minutes away from Brighton and it was $20 after four. Best thing ever. 

So that's pretty much my life. 

Best part of being an adult = Christmas Bonus

Worst part = Working during the holidays

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let's Talk Running Shoes

People always ask me "What the best running shoes are". I can't imagine why they would think I am a pro or something? Maybe because I have 15 pairs of running shoes?...But who's counting? Before we begin, I am sorry, but I don't have a review for Asics. I don't run asics mostly because I think they are ugly...and they are a pretty heavy shoe, so I don't wear those ever. So here's my full review of my running shoes:

First shoe: Mizuno Wave Creation
These shoes literally make you feel like you are walking on a trampoline. They are sooooo comfy! These are great shoes if you want a solid shoe that will last and support your feet to the max. These shoes are very supportive and I have never had any issues with these shoes. My only issue is that they aren't very minimal and somewhat heavy. I prefer a little bit more of a lighter shoe, because I want to be super speedy!

Shoe #2: Saucony Kinvara

This was my first minimal shoe. I remember being AMAZED at the weight of this shoe. This shoe is fantastic, but has ZERO support (in my opinion). I can run up to 5 miles in this shoe, but after that...I get plantar facitis and all of that other fun injury stuff! If you get this shoe, remember to keep the mileage low and use it maybe more for cross training. 

Shoe #3: Nike Frees

I hopped on the Nike Free wagon for about a year. I think they look cool, they are comfy, and they are suuuuper light. I ran a marathon in these bad boys, and spent the rest of the summer with major tendonitis in my feet. Like the Kinvara's, I only use these shoes for shorter distances, cross training, and weight lifting. 

So after never being satisfied....Brooks came out with a miracle. The Pure Project line. They have 4 different types of minimal shoes with various levels of support. I decided to go with the ones with the most support due to my ankle problems and have never looked back. In fact...I have 3 pairs!

These are seriously everything I want in a shoe. I never get serious injuries, and they are suuuuuper light. I think they look really cool and love that they keep coming out with new colors. You should have seen me when I found out they were releasing the Pure Cadence 2's on January 1st! I am seriously SOO STOKED for the upgrade!

Since I loved the Pure Project line so much, I decided to venture out and get the last shoe I will tell you about: Pure Connects 

These are the most minimal of the entire Pure Project line and I was SOOO excited to race in them. One problem: the back of the shoe goes up really high and stabs my ankle. I ALWAYS have major cuts or blisters on the back of my heals whenever I try to give these shoes a chance. 

So, I will always and forever be a PureCadence runner. It all depends on what your purpose is, how much support you need, etc. Everyone is different, so find out what works best for you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Words cannot express the excitement I had today when I found out that I got picked in the lottery to run the Nike Women's Half in DC this spring. I was jumping up and down in my cubical ALL AFTERNOON! Not only do I get to run 13 miles through all of the national monuments and visit my favorite city, the Nike Womens races are every runners DREAM race. Every runner knows about them. Why are they so popular? You get a TIFFANY'S necklace at the end as your medal. Brilliant. Oh, and the chocolate at the aide stations isn't too bad either. 

Other great things about today: 

My boss gave me $50 to Target for reaching a lofty goal last week. 

We got paid to go out to free lunch for Christmas today. 

I saved money at the Loft and got cute clothes AGAIN. Yes, they all know me by name there. 

Life is good. 

 I was pretty much jumping up and down in my cubical after I literally RAN to the Loft for 15 minutes and grabbed some sweaters that were $15 down from $60. Shoppers high to the max. 

I literally have the best boss in the world. I want to get him a "World's Best Boss" mug for Christmas. 


Monday, December 10, 2012

Mini Me

Once upon a time, I have a very best friend who absolutely adores me. Her name is Rylie and she likes to copy me and do all the things that I like to do (the perfect pal). 

The other day, I took her to the mall to purchase her very first soccer ball. She LOVES playing soccer with me, so I got her a ball all for herself. She got all excited when I told her we could write her name on it and it would be all hers! It seriously was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I need more friends like Rylie. 

This is her right after we got it and I wrote her name on it. 

When she went home, she loved it so much, so wanted to sleep next to it. I'm tellin ya, we were meant to be best friends. 

Every time I see her now (even when she is sick, she prevails through), she gets her ball and we practice passing and dribbling for hours. Best 2 year old baller I have ever seen!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Believe

I believe...

I have thought a lot lately. I have had some great conversations with great friends with amazing insights. Unfortunately, I am a little down on life lately(seems like most my blog posts have been this way since about August). I don't feel like being around people, I don't feel like running, I don't see the purpose of having faith things will work out because no matter how hard I try and pray...things get worse or I don't feel better.  I don't see a purpose or meaning for my life lately. I don't know why I am here or why I matter, and I probably shouldn't even post this...

I have decided to tell you what I believe: 

1. I believe in a higher power. 
2. I believe in loving others unconditionally no matter what they decide to do with their lives. 
3. I believe in serving others, whether they are happy or having a hard time. 
4. I believe in being a loyal friend. 
5. I believe in forgiving and forgetting. 
6. I believe in reaching out of my comfort zone and making others feel welcome and loved. 
7. I believe in being honest and true to who I am and my feelings. 
8. I believe in being exactly who I am, not who people wish or want me to be.  
9. I believe in exercise. 
10. I believe in always doing in my heart what is right. 
11. I believe in accepting others for who they are and where they are going- no matter their beliefs. 
12. I believe in being a good person (based on my own definition of what that is). 
13. I believe in being genuine and unconditionally loving to others. 
14. I believe in not judging others, you never know what they are going through. 
15. I believe in being honest with others. 

So there's a few things I have realized I believe in. 

I don't believe in: 

1. Being judgmental based on how "righteous a person is"- especially in a church that has a reputation for that. 
2. I don't believe in rejecting others for their beliefs or values. 
3. I don't believe in judging others for their actions or thoughts. 
4. I don't believe in putting others down, because they might be different. 
5. I don't believe in being dishonest in order to try to protect others. 
6. I don't believe in being fake on social media, so that others believe your life is better than it actually is. 
7. I don't believe in being dis loyal or speaking badly of you friends- especially those you say you love. 
8. I don't believe in being unforgiving- no matter what someone has done or said to you. 
9. I don't believe in being too busy to listen to someone. 
10. I don't believe in caring too much about worldly possessions. 
11. I don't believe in being obsessed with anything too much. 
12. I don't believe in trying to appear perfect or close to perfect for fear of what others might think. 
13. I don't believe in being fake in general. 
14. I don't believe in doing things just because everyone else is doing them. 
15. I don't believe in talking about people badly who you don't understand. 

Sorry. Probably deep. Perhaps rantly. I haven't decided what I want in life anymore. I have felt extremely judged by some, and try not to be offended and forgive over time. At the same time, I feel as if my love isn't enough and I don't matter to others, no matter how hard I try. I don't understand some things. Life is hard for everyone, and my trials are nothing compared to what some of you are going through. Love others. Don't judge. Be honest with yourself and others. Do what it takes to be happy. 

That is all. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Best Kinds of Friends

In case you were wondering if I have gone completely antisocial lately and only hang out with my nieces and nephew: the answer is YES. 

I have decided hangin with those kids is way better than hanging out with people my own age. Kids are the best friends. They never let you down. They love you totally and completely for who you are, not who you have been or who you could be. They are the best.

Friday, we all had a big sleepover! The pictures are all out of order- biggest pet peeve EVER!

Jack put two balls down his shirt to have bigger muscles....oh to be young and naive again...

Some of you might wonder why all of these kids love me so much. It's a lot of hard work and chocolate bribing is a MUST!

Charlee is the happiest baby in the Beehive State

These two are best friends. Rylie wanted a picture with Charlee, but Char wasn't feelin it. She was more fascinated with Rylie's bow, which she pulled out right after this picture.

I seriously wish she stayed 2 forever.

Best cheeser ever.

We made a pillow bed, ate snacks, and watched Frosty the Snowman

The next day, we learned Rylie is too young for sleepovers. She didn't get enough sleep and threw a HUGE tantrum at the Quicksilver outlet. It was their last day in business in Provo and she was just as upset about it as we were!

I ask this kid to have a sleepover every single day. Every time she automatically says "NO!" very sternly. When she finally agreed to a sleepover, I felt so special...until she wouldn't sleep and woke up at 5am...

Apparently Frosty is best watched 1 foot from the screen.