Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let's Talk Running Shoes

People always ask me "What the best running shoes are". I can't imagine why they would think I am a pro or something? Maybe because I have 15 pairs of running shoes?...But who's counting? Before we begin, I am sorry, but I don't have a review for Asics. I don't run asics mostly because I think they are ugly...and they are a pretty heavy shoe, so I don't wear those ever. So here's my full review of my running shoes:

First shoe: Mizuno Wave Creation
These shoes literally make you feel like you are walking on a trampoline. They are sooooo comfy! These are great shoes if you want a solid shoe that will last and support your feet to the max. These shoes are very supportive and I have never had any issues with these shoes. My only issue is that they aren't very minimal and somewhat heavy. I prefer a little bit more of a lighter shoe, because I want to be super speedy!

Shoe #2: Saucony Kinvara

This was my first minimal shoe. I remember being AMAZED at the weight of this shoe. This shoe is fantastic, but has ZERO support (in my opinion). I can run up to 5 miles in this shoe, but after that...I get plantar facitis and all of that other fun injury stuff! If you get this shoe, remember to keep the mileage low and use it maybe more for cross training. 

Shoe #3: Nike Frees

I hopped on the Nike Free wagon for about a year. I think they look cool, they are comfy, and they are suuuuper light. I ran a marathon in these bad boys, and spent the rest of the summer with major tendonitis in my feet. Like the Kinvara's, I only use these shoes for shorter distances, cross training, and weight lifting. 

So after never being satisfied....Brooks came out with a miracle. The Pure Project line. They have 4 different types of minimal shoes with various levels of support. I decided to go with the ones with the most support due to my ankle problems and have never looked back. In fact...I have 3 pairs!

These are seriously everything I want in a shoe. I never get serious injuries, and they are suuuuuper light. I think they look really cool and love that they keep coming out with new colors. You should have seen me when I found out they were releasing the Pure Cadence 2's on January 1st! I am seriously SOO STOKED for the upgrade!

Since I loved the Pure Project line so much, I decided to venture out and get the last shoe I will tell you about: Pure Connects 

These are the most minimal of the entire Pure Project line and I was SOOO excited to race in them. One problem: the back of the shoe goes up really high and stabs my ankle. I ALWAYS have major cuts or blisters on the back of my heals whenever I try to give these shoes a chance. 

So, I will always and forever be a PureCadence runner. It all depends on what your purpose is, how much support you need, etc. Everyone is different, so find out what works best for you!

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  1. I totally just got the pure connect. Same problem with riding high in the back but after wearing them a couple of times I'm not getting blistery. Overall happy with them especially the support.