Thursday, March 31, 2011


Guess who liked it and put a ring on it????

MY MOM did!! Bahahaha April Fools!! Okay but seriously so I am now wearing a fake engagement ring to school/when I counsel at the counseling center. Since I will be a full-time intern working as a counselor next semester, my teachers told me to get a fake ring so that I would be taken more seriously/not hit on by creep-o guys. Well, unfortunately I already have a creep-o guy in my classes. I have 5 classes....he is in 4 of them. He follows me around and talks to me and asks me to study together....he calls me everyday to help him with assignments and such. This doesn't sound too weird right? A college guy asking a college girl to study and what not...well this guy is like FOURTY SLASH MARRIED SLASH HAS SIIIIIIX KIDS!! WTF?! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!! So pretty much I am sick of this creep talking to me and asking me to study, so my mom and I went out and got a fake ring today. I have been wearing it ever since! So, I am now going to fake my engagement! I'm kinda excited to make up this huge story and wear my ring around. It reminds me of my new favorite movie, "Just go with it".

So in other news......

I am in Orem because I didn't have school Thursday and Friday and I was coming down anyways for conference. It is sooooo good to be home! I am LOVING this gorgeous weather! Today, I spent the morning with Kali and Rylie and Kate. LOVE hanging out with them! Kali seriously has me rolling on the floor ALL THE TIME! After that, Cath and I went shopping and got FOUR swimsuits for the price of ONE at TJ Maxx, my new swimsuit shopping store. I'm sooo stoked for my trip now! After that, I went running to Kali's soccer game. I ran 3 miles down there and then I was going to have my sister drop me off a mile or two from my house so that I could run home. Well, Kali reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy wanted to go running with me. She said that we could go running and talk. She would NOT take no for an answer! Well, I was extremely hesitant, but could not deny this child of her dream to go running with her aunt, so my sister dropped us off about a mile from my house. Well, the little champ held my hand and we ran and talked for a whole MILE! I am so impressed by that little child. She was soooo stoked on going running with me! It was so cute!! After that, I went to dinner at one of my Utah County favorites: La Jolla Groves with my parents. What a day!! I seriously have had the BEST day in a long time! I know I say that everyday, but it's because I just love everything about my life right now!

Here's some pictures...

Eating snacks after the run

My new running buddy!


We did it!

Dinner with my favorite dad!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Here is a text conversation I just had with Carlie:

Me: [Sent picture of snow] "Screw this stupid place and all the snow"
Carlie: "What? I'm in shorts right now. Weird"

Okay, so today the week started with a lovely blizzard. Not unusual for Logan...but it's APRIL this week!! I officially REFUSE to endure snow anymore! The ski resort is closed, spring break is over, and it's time to officially break up with winter. I mean,'s not's me! I just can't handle feeling numb toes, having wet jeans, and wearing long underwear under my jeans any longer! It was fun for the last 4 months...but I just feel like we are heading in different directions and we would be better off moving on....I really hope we can still be friends and you will be mature about this rather than lash out in anger with your stupid springtime blizzards!

So here are some pictures of my yard:

So I have officially set up camp in my front room all bundled up in my down comforter watching the OC season 3 until winter decides to quit having such intense mood swings and move on!!

Luckily in 2 weeks, I will be laying on a beach in Cancun :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Perfect Little Weekend

WOOOOW what a crazy few days!!!

Let me just say...I have never been as affected by stress as I was on Thursday night. On Friday, I had a really big test AND I had to do an actual counseling in the counselor center with my teacher and a panel of judges (classmates) behind the 2 way mirror. This was the biggest part of our grade in my Financial Counseling class, because we will be counseling at the center full time next semester. Well, at about 3:30 in the morning on Friday I woke up STRESSED OUT OF MY MIND. I was seriously freaking out. I made myself get a stomach ache and I couldn't fall back asleep. I was so worried that I was going to fail at everything I needed to be perfect at on Friday. That's when I realized that my perfectionist personality is getting a little bit out of control. I mean, it's okay to strive for greatness and all...but when you wake up freaking out the night before worried that you won't be perfect at something...that's a little bit scary!! Well, Friday happened and I did great on my exam and the session went without a hitch!

Once those were over, I was determined to have a great weekend filled with things that I wanted to do. So first I ate a hot dog and a milkshake. Normally, I hate those things, but I craved em so I gave myself a little pass! After that, I watched my UNC Tarheels dominate which brought great joy to my the way...I am slightly freaking out that March Madness is coming to an end. I have been OBSESSED lately! After the game, we went hot tubbing, because we were soooo cold and couldn't warm up. It was soooo delightful! I love my roommates! They also made some very yummy cupcakes. The rest of the night, we watched some more games with some new friends. Love new friends!

Today was MY DAY! I didn't have my phone all day, which really makes me feel so much better. Not having a phone for a day is healthy I think. I love just being completely MYSELF by MYSELF and not worrying about the rest of the world. It rejuvenates me, which was exactly what I needed. I cleaned my room, did laundry, attempted some homework, went tanning, and went on a GREAT run. I rad 5 miles in 37 minutes, which I felt really good about! After that, I ate a big meaty sandwich and watched basketball games and it was AWESOME!. So stoked on Butler! Tonight, we made the trip out to the hot springs and got in a great soak for the night. Now, I am just laying in my bed listening to some jams about to pass out from being so comfortable,

Pretty much I love this weekend and needed it very badly. Goodnight.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Going on a mission

There are 3 reasons I could never serve a mission:
1. The wake up early and Im not a morning person
2. You can't drink caffeine. I am addicted.
3. You have to be with a girl ALL DAY EVERY DAY! BAH!

WITH THAT SAID....I will be serving a mission pretty soon.....

False. But Tyler will be!! So that's pretty exciting right??

Now that he is about ready to turn those papers in, we have decided to take a step back and become best friends. I can support him better and he can focus more without the whole intense relationship thing going on. So I am very excited for the steps Tyler is making and the choice he made to serve a mission! We will be best friends for a VERY LONG time!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bon Jovi

Tonight, Austin and I went on a very exciting double date with Dave and Cath. It has been on my bucket list to go to a Bon Jovi concert for years! I have seen all my favorite people live except for Bon Jovi, so when the opportunity came...I jumped on it!! The night was fabulous...we waited in one line in the freezing for 45 minutes only for our tickets to not work. So then, we went into another massive line and got our tickets. THEN another line to get through security and into the concert! Woof! What a headache! BUT, we finally got to our seats and it was fabulous. As with every concert I go to, I made very good friends with the drunk lady next to me and we sang and danced together. I wish I would've taken a picture with her, she was quite the treat!! So overall, I was very impressed with Bon Jovi. I can't believe the amount of energy that man still has for his age! It was insane to me! I was bummed some songs weren't played, but all in all, it was a fabulous night out!! I just returned to Logan after hiding out in Orem the past 5 days....back to real life once again!

Line #1

Getting irritated...

Finally in our seats!

The other cute couple!

Austin refuses to smile normal...sorry future wife

Feelin the music

"It's my life!"

Dave ran out and got us these cute shirts! It was such a fun surprise!!

Look at who we found at the concert!! Mr. Tyler was there with his family and we rode back to Logan together!

I walked in and found this fabulous surprise from Tyler. He brought it over while I was gone for a surprise when I get home. I loooove getting thoughtful surprises that make you feel so loved!! Thanks Ty, it made my MONTH!! You're my favorite greatfriend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


So apparently my lifestyle and MTV reality star's lifestyles are the EXACT same!! When people ask what I have planned and the list includes gym, tanning, and laundry they say, "GTL?" apparently that's a real thing that happens on Jersey Shore. Maybe I should go on MTV with my own reality TV show?? I think that is a definite possibility.

So my post-basketball life has been pretty grand. I have really enjoyed spending time with my friends, talking on the phone with family, working out, going tanning, sleeping, etc. It's fabulous! I always thought, "When basketball is over I will have so much more time to study"...the thing is, now that I have all day Tues/Thurs and every afternoon free...I have just filled my time with leisurely enjoyable activities and forgotten about homework completely! No worries though, I am still putting the STUD in STUDENT as I got a 100% recently on an exam. Never mind that I didn't go to the 2 weeks of lectures that the exam was on...we don't sweat that! So a few things I have done this week that I don't normally do...

  • Went to lunch 2 days in a row with my very very great friend T
  • Got a tanning pass to get a base for my trip
  • Worked out EVERY day, including walking for almost 2.5 hours straight while watching the BYU basketball game
  • Watched a Hulu documentary called, "Super High Me"...a guy smokes pot every single day for 30 days and doctors monitor to see what effect it has on his body
  • Got a box of St. Patrick's day cookies and had them for breakfast
  • Played indoor soccer and scored a goal!
  • Slept in until noon today
So, overall I am feeling very good about my new post-basketball lifestyle!! Here are some pictures...

At lunch with you are on my blog!!

Jen, Chief, and I before our game! We won!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Well, day #1 back to real life has been a success!! I finally got back to this cold land late last night! I could not have been grumpier to be back in Logan. I am sooo ready for school to be done and summer to come! I seriously LOVED being back in Orem and seeing people that I genuinely loved and feel very loved around constantly. It's scary going back up to school, stress, and sometimes even loneliness without family and close friends around all the time. I was especially nervous to only have school, and not be busy with basketball anymore. Luckily, the day turned out great! It was sooo nice having my whole afternoon and evening after classes. I actually loved being back in my classes, because I got to see my friends at school and really feel like I was good at something and a source of knowledge for my classmates. I really thrive off of being praised and feeling like I am good at the things I do. After school, we decided to give into a "Temptation" down the street and try out Temptation Cupcakes! They were very yummy...but did not compare to the Coco Bean in Provo! I got my second letter in a row from my very favorite missionary: Rosie and just laughed and laughed, those letter could not have come at a better time!! After cupcakes, I had some "Kelli" time and went tanning and to the gym. It was soooo nice to have time for myself and do things that made me feel good about myself. I am getting very motivated for my upcoming trip in just 3 weeks! Yipee!! After that, I enjoyed some yummy food at FHE and then finished the day off watching the Bachelor Finale! Soooo glad Emily won! So, even though it started out as a "rainy day", things ended up well and I am adjusting to life back in Logan very well!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back to real life...grrr...

Well...tomorrow it's back to real life! Back to Logan and thinking about school again. I haven't really been in Logan since the state tournament began on February22...that's a LONG time! I was down in Orem/Salt lake for the state tourney, then I had to stay down because my grandpa passed away, and then it was spring break this past week!! So I have not even THOUGHT about my life back in Logan for 2 1/2 weeks!! I'm not ready to go back to my real life! I liked having my freedom! It will also be weird going back to my life without basketball! I am scared I won't know what to do with myself with all the extra time! I am planning on running lots to get ready for the marathon. Luckily, I have had a magical past few weeks where I have been running really fast, like faster than I have since I ran for Dixie, so that has been a real motivator for me! Here are some pictures from the last day of our weekend in St. George...

Started the day off laying out by the pool and drinking "rat bastard" rootbeer from the Judd Store for breakfast!!

Then we had lunch at Marv's

Went to "Just go with it"

And ended the day in Spanish Fork at Prestwich Farms pretty much I am feeling REAAAALLLLY chubby after a weekend of some great food, shopping, three movies, and of course getting lots of much needed vitamin D!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekend Getaway

On Thursday, we decided to ditch life. We took off to St. George for a quick little girl's getaway!! It's been sooo much fun going to all of our favorite stores, restaurants, hitting the pool, and going to movies at night!! It has been so fun seeing some old friends from "the good ole days" when I went to Dixie!! Here are some pictures of our trip....

Carly and I at Texas Roadhouse

Kate and I at the pool

One of my very bestest friends EVER: Ben! At brunch at the Egg and I

Hittin the outlets, finding some good finds!

We got tons of cute stuff at Down East

Eating dinner at Brick Oven!

It has been a great trip! I don't want to go back home to reality!! I looove being in the sun, chillin with some of my favorite people, and living a carefree life!! The good news is: I will be in Cancun in one month!! Countdown begins!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Girl's Day Out!

Well, I am back in good ol Orem. Little Miss Kali was very excited that I would be home for a whole week and was quick to volunteer me to pick her up from school for a "girl's day out". She had a whooooole list of things that we were going to do...probably going up to like $300 worth of fun and exciting activities. I convinced her that we should probably cut the list down, and since I have been talking about getting my nails done once basketball was over, I figured this was the perfect opportunity! We got our nails done, got treats, and then took treats to my Grandma! It was such a fun day and I am loving having nails again! Sometimes I am a major girly the other night, I taped the basketball game and then went and painted my toe nails. What girl does that??? Anyways here are some pictures of our great outing!

Our cute nails!

Turns out Kali is quite a photographer!

Painting her nails gold like the Leprechaun's gold for St. Patty's day