Monday, March 14, 2011


Well, day #1 back to real life has been a success!! I finally got back to this cold land late last night! I could not have been grumpier to be back in Logan. I am sooo ready for school to be done and summer to come! I seriously LOVED being back in Orem and seeing people that I genuinely loved and feel very loved around constantly. It's scary going back up to school, stress, and sometimes even loneliness without family and close friends around all the time. I was especially nervous to only have school, and not be busy with basketball anymore. Luckily, the day turned out great! It was sooo nice having my whole afternoon and evening after classes. I actually loved being back in my classes, because I got to see my friends at school and really feel like I was good at something and a source of knowledge for my classmates. I really thrive off of being praised and feeling like I am good at the things I do. After school, we decided to give into a "Temptation" down the street and try out Temptation Cupcakes! They were very yummy...but did not compare to the Coco Bean in Provo! I got my second letter in a row from my very favorite missionary: Rosie and just laughed and laughed, those letter could not have come at a better time!! After cupcakes, I had some "Kelli" time and went tanning and to the gym. It was soooo nice to have time for myself and do things that made me feel good about myself. I am getting very motivated for my upcoming trip in just 3 weeks! Yipee!! After that, I enjoyed some yummy food at FHE and then finished the day off watching the Bachelor Finale! Soooo glad Emily won! So, even though it started out as a "rainy day", things ended up well and I am adjusting to life back in Logan very well!!

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