Monday, March 28, 2011


Here is a text conversation I just had with Carlie:

Me: [Sent picture of snow] "Screw this stupid place and all the snow"
Carlie: "What? I'm in shorts right now. Weird"

Okay, so today the week started with a lovely blizzard. Not unusual for Logan...but it's APRIL this week!! I officially REFUSE to endure snow anymore! The ski resort is closed, spring break is over, and it's time to officially break up with winter. I mean,'s not's me! I just can't handle feeling numb toes, having wet jeans, and wearing long underwear under my jeans any longer! It was fun for the last 4 months...but I just feel like we are heading in different directions and we would be better off moving on....I really hope we can still be friends and you will be mature about this rather than lash out in anger with your stupid springtime blizzards!

So here are some pictures of my yard:

So I have officially set up camp in my front room all bundled up in my down comforter watching the OC season 3 until winter decides to quit having such intense mood swings and move on!!

Luckily in 2 weeks, I will be laying on a beach in Cancun :)

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  1. just because you want to go back to dixie doesn't mean you need to relive freshman year by hermitting in your apartment watch the O.C.

    and im not going to hold a grudge that you said you hate logan, because i was pretty upset myself. but it'll be gone by the weekend. be strong.