Thursday, March 31, 2011


Guess who liked it and put a ring on it????

MY MOM did!! Bahahaha April Fools!! Okay but seriously so I am now wearing a fake engagement ring to school/when I counsel at the counseling center. Since I will be a full-time intern working as a counselor next semester, my teachers told me to get a fake ring so that I would be taken more seriously/not hit on by creep-o guys. Well, unfortunately I already have a creep-o guy in my classes. I have 5 classes....he is in 4 of them. He follows me around and talks to me and asks me to study together....he calls me everyday to help him with assignments and such. This doesn't sound too weird right? A college guy asking a college girl to study and what not...well this guy is like FOURTY SLASH MARRIED SLASH HAS SIIIIIIX KIDS!! WTF?! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!! So pretty much I am sick of this creep talking to me and asking me to study, so my mom and I went out and got a fake ring today. I have been wearing it ever since! So, I am now going to fake my engagement! I'm kinda excited to make up this huge story and wear my ring around. It reminds me of my new favorite movie, "Just go with it".

So in other news......

I am in Orem because I didn't have school Thursday and Friday and I was coming down anyways for conference. It is sooooo good to be home! I am LOVING this gorgeous weather! Today, I spent the morning with Kali and Rylie and Kate. LOVE hanging out with them! Kali seriously has me rolling on the floor ALL THE TIME! After that, Cath and I went shopping and got FOUR swimsuits for the price of ONE at TJ Maxx, my new swimsuit shopping store. I'm sooo stoked for my trip now! After that, I went running to Kali's soccer game. I ran 3 miles down there and then I was going to have my sister drop me off a mile or two from my house so that I could run home. Well, Kali reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy wanted to go running with me. She said that we could go running and talk. She would NOT take no for an answer! Well, I was extremely hesitant, but could not deny this child of her dream to go running with her aunt, so my sister dropped us off about a mile from my house. Well, the little champ held my hand and we ran and talked for a whole MILE! I am so impressed by that little child. She was soooo stoked on going running with me! It was so cute!! After that, I went to dinner at one of my Utah County favorites: La Jolla Groves with my parents. What a day!! I seriously have had the BEST day in a long time! I know I say that everyday, but it's because I just love everything about my life right now!

Here's some pictures...

Eating snacks after the run

My new running buddy!


We did it!

Dinner with my favorite dad!