Monday, July 30, 2012

2 Years of AWESOME

I can't believe I have been writing this blog for 2 years now. That blows my mind. Like I have said before, this blog is one of the reasons I came out of a really rough time in my life. The ability to express myself and reach out to others was really helpful to me when I was having a difficult time in life. Looking back at old blog posts is one of my favorite things to do. My very first blog post, I wrote 25 things about myself that people might not know. I decided to do that again 2 years later. It's hard thinking of things, but here is what I came up with: 

1.     I sleep with four pillows.

2.     I am a FREAK about mouth hygiene- and obsessive about flossing.

3.     I eat about 3 peaches per day.

4.     I absolutely HATE elliptical and won't workout if that's the only choice.

5.     I watch Fox News daily- usually with Alex (It's one of the few things to watch that we can both agree on.)

6.     I own 10 pairs of running/workout shoes.

7.     Favorite food is Dorito’s locos tacos.

8.     Patriotic things make me super emotional.

9.     I hate the first 2 miles of running.

10. I rarely drink diet coke anymore- I am obsessed with Monster Rehab Lemonade.

11. I am blown away by how far I have come since 2 years ago when this blog started- I am happier, have a stronger testimony, and have MUUUCH better relationships with people close to me.

12. Most people complain that I am the worst texter EVER. I get distracted suuuuper easily.

13. I just got my eyeliner tattooed for the second time and LOVE IT.

14. I have really bad insomnia and took sleeping pills for years, but I am going on a whole year without taking any sleeping pills…but still have insomnia to the max!

15. I only wash my hair maximum 3 times a week….and I work out almost everyday. Gross!

16. My main focus this past year has been understanding God’s love for me, and applying that same love to others in my life. I can’t believe how much happier I am.

17. I have eaten Smores ice cream almost everyday this summer.

18. I have a testimony of everything in the LDS church, except for single’s wards. I hate them.

19. I get on instagram more than facebook.

20. I can’t sleep unless I am wearing a hoodie over my ears.

21. Nothing makes me happier than walking into a room with my 1-year-old niece who automatically runs up to me and gives me a hug and then asks me for a cookie or treat.

22. If I don’t read a book in one day, it doesn’t get read. I don’t have the discipline to read a book over days or weeks.

23. I have vowed never to move more north than Logan ever again.

24. I have more clothes and shoes than a small African village- BUT, I haven’t grown since I was 12 AND I have lived in really hot AND really cold climates.

25. The ability to commit is one of my biggest flaws, even things as simple as committing to something for Friday on a Monday. BUT- once I am committed, I don't break that commitment EVER. 

BONUS FACT: The olympic event I am most excited for is the Women's Marathon this shocker there!!

So there ya go, I hope you guys have enjoyed this blog just as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Keepin it Classy

Sometimes Alex and I go on SUUUPER classy dates. Saturday night was definitely high up there on the classy scale. We went to the Orem Owls baseball game (I don't think I watched for 2 consecutive minutes, I just kept getting all chatty and making Alex talk to me...fortunately he didn't really care about the fate of the Owls). After, we went to the classiest place we could think of: McDonald's. Alex was SHOCKED I never had an apple pie from there and I was just as shocked he had never had a hot fudge sundae from there! According to Alex, you aren't American unless you have had an apple pie from Micky D's. I can now proudly say I am American, because he was very selfless and gave me his last bite!

Nothin better than summer nights in my book. I was ABSOLUTELY disgusted when Alex told me he couldn't wait for winter and ski season. Who says that?!?!

PS- I HATE peace sign pictures, this pic was a joke.

PPS- All the cool kids (me and Emily on the Bachelorette) are now sporting white shellac nails and I am OBSESSED with them!

Smiling really big cause the Owls won!

Lovin Life!!

Added Bonus: 

I told this little cutie to "say cheese" and this is what she did. SO CUTE!

Alex's little sister was playing fat booth on my phone yesterday, and when I was going through my pics this is what I found. This has to be one of my top 5 favorite pictures EVER!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Lied

I said my next post wouldn't be of my favorite little kids. But this was just too cute! Jack singing "I Am a Child of God"

Monday, July 16, 2012

More Pictures of My Favorite People

So remember how when I was in D.C. I couldn't write a post without a picture of the Washington Monument? Well, now apparently I can't write a post without a picture of my adorable nieces and nephew! 

Sunday we celebrated Patrick's birthday with the whole fam (besides Dave and Austin, but we did get to facetime them in Africa!) It was fun having the whole family over as usual and I got a million pictures of my favorite little people as usual. Enjoy!

The birthday boy and his little family! They are moving to Arizona next month and we are going to miss them!!

This little party animal wanted in on some birthday party action!

Rylie has become SEVERELY attached to "Gamma"

Even my chocolate loving taste buds couldn't handle the richness of this chocolate cake!

Trying to win this kid over...I think the chocolate really improved our relationship

Crazy kids!

Playing outside on the "totter"

Why do I think it's SO FUNNY that kids can't make the cake into their mouths??


Shannon and Savannah (yes, she has red hair!!)

It's always a project trying to get a grandchild picture. ALMOST everyone was looking in this one!

Cute kids!

Doesn't her smile melt your heart EVERY TIME?!?! Love her. 

I promise next post will be different from the usual millions of children pictures!! I just can't get enough of them!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kali's Birthday!

I was lucky enough to be on the list of children that Kali invited to her birthday party for all of her friends. Like I have said before, she is very confused if I am a kid or an adult...probably because I act more like a kid than she does...

Here's some pictures from the party!

Look at this little party animal! She has a tough time getting things IN her mouth!

I seriously envy this 2 year old's tan!

Mr. Jack!

Allie licked all the frosting off the top of the cupcake. Let's be honest...that really is the only good part!

The cool water slide!

...still didn't wipe off her face...

The birthday girl!! She got high heels for her birthday and was STOKED!

Baby Charlee

Cute sisters!! Rylie's face finally got wiped off!

Allie and Alex's sister Ella playing on the swing!

In case you were wondering...I totally hit the jackpot at Nordstrom. AND, they had a Loft at the mall we went to so I got more great deals!! When it comes to a good sale, I have the self control of a goldfish...don't tell my financial counseling clients!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nothing Makes My Week Like A Killer Sale!!

Yesterday during lunch, I decided to go check out the Anne Taylor Loft by my work in Sugarhouse. BEST DECISION EVER!! Everything was 50% off, and then I got an additional 15% off with my Loft card!! Ever since that magical lunch break, I have been permanently smiling!!

This week has been soo busy, but sooo good. I'm exhausted, but couldn't be happier. I have just realized lately that you can't take the "average" moments for granted. It is those simple times when we will remember having the most joy. When I look back on memories I have with people that I miss, I always just remember the most simple, casual moments when I was truly happy and experienced pure joy. 

Here's some random pics of the week so far: 

My dad and Austin are gone for the whole month of July, so Cath and I have mastered girls nights. S'mores ice cream, reading magazines, and the Bachelorette are MUSTS!

I got these cute blue pants at the Loft

I also got these red pants with the top

Instagram version of my shopping happiness!!

My mom took Alex and I to California Pizza Kitchen. I had some super delicious hummus! 

After, we got all crazy domestic and made skookies! I was the official photographer...

Homeboy has some mad cooking skills!

While we waited, we had some fun with fatbooth on my phone!!

I'm not even kidding, we literally sat and WATCHED them bake for about 20 minutes. The anticipation was KILLER!

Fresh out of the oven! YUMMM!! 

The artistic finished product!!!

Tomorrow, Cath and I are headed up to Salt Lake to the Nordstrom Pre-Sale Event! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

S'mores Sundays

Last summer, Dave overhauled the backyard. While I HATED waking up to a jack hammer and spanish songs every morning at 6, I am SOOO glad he did it! We spend every Sunday in the backyard with the fam. Last night, Katie and Candy brought their kids over and we had a blast! We did a package of fireworks and then roasted marshmallows to make S'mores! I love spending Sundays with the kids!!

Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the cuteness of these children: 

Watchin fireworks!!

Cutest sisters. Rylie just ADORES "sissy" and follows her EVERYWHERE!

"Captain Jack Sparrow!"

This kid knows she can get whatever she wants out of me. I am pretty sure she thinks my name is "chocolate", because that's all she says when she sees me!

I may or may not have introduced her to the gloriousness of chocolate milk (hey, better than giving the kid coke!)

Action shot!

S'mores time!!

The kids thought it was so funny to tease Alex

Seriously, she needs to be a baby model!

Tryin to figure out how to not get messy...goodluck!!

Overwhelmed by delicious!

Savin some for later

In case you ever feel like giving me a treat, you should probably know that I prefer s'mores over ANY OTHER dessert! I am slightly obsessed. I make one in the microwave every night!

Cute cousins

This little girl is almost SEVEN!

Miss Charlee and I wearing the shirt I got her!!

Happy 1 year of running INJURY FREE to me!! (Don't worry, I have been knocking on wood ALL DAY LONG!)