Monday, July 9, 2012

S'mores Sundays

Last summer, Dave overhauled the backyard. While I HATED waking up to a jack hammer and spanish songs every morning at 6, I am SOOO glad he did it! We spend every Sunday in the backyard with the fam. Last night, Katie and Candy brought their kids over and we had a blast! We did a package of fireworks and then roasted marshmallows to make S'mores! I love spending Sundays with the kids!!

Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the cuteness of these children: 

Watchin fireworks!!

Cutest sisters. Rylie just ADORES "sissy" and follows her EVERYWHERE!

"Captain Jack Sparrow!"

This kid knows she can get whatever she wants out of me. I am pretty sure she thinks my name is "chocolate", because that's all she says when she sees me!

I may or may not have introduced her to the gloriousness of chocolate milk (hey, better than giving the kid coke!)

Action shot!

S'mores time!!

The kids thought it was so funny to tease Alex

Seriously, she needs to be a baby model!

Tryin to figure out how to not get messy...goodluck!!

Overwhelmed by delicious!

Savin some for later

In case you ever feel like giving me a treat, you should probably know that I prefer s'mores over ANY OTHER dessert! I am slightly obsessed. I make one in the microwave every night!

Cute cousins

This little girl is almost SEVEN!

Miss Charlee and I wearing the shirt I got her!!

Happy 1 year of running INJURY FREE to me!! (Don't worry, I have been knocking on wood ALL DAY LONG!)

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