Monday, July 16, 2012

More Pictures of My Favorite People

So remember how when I was in D.C. I couldn't write a post without a picture of the Washington Monument? Well, now apparently I can't write a post without a picture of my adorable nieces and nephew! 

Sunday we celebrated Patrick's birthday with the whole fam (besides Dave and Austin, but we did get to facetime them in Africa!) It was fun having the whole family over as usual and I got a million pictures of my favorite little people as usual. Enjoy!

The birthday boy and his little family! They are moving to Arizona next month and we are going to miss them!!

This little party animal wanted in on some birthday party action!

Rylie has become SEVERELY attached to "Gamma"

Even my chocolate loving taste buds couldn't handle the richness of this chocolate cake!

Trying to win this kid over...I think the chocolate really improved our relationship

Crazy kids!

Playing outside on the "totter"

Why do I think it's SO FUNNY that kids can't make the cake into their mouths??


Shannon and Savannah (yes, she has red hair!!)

It's always a project trying to get a grandchild picture. ALMOST everyone was looking in this one!

Cute kids!

Doesn't her smile melt your heart EVERY TIME?!?! Love her. 

I promise next post will be different from the usual millions of children pictures!! I just can't get enough of them!

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