Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

I must admit, I was pretty sad that I wasn't in D.C. for the 4th of July. BUT, I have the coolest friends in the world who made it super rad. 

To start off the day right, Rosie and I hit up J-Dawgs. What's more American than eating a hot dog with a Yankees hat on? NOTHING. Then later on, I picked up one of my best friends EVER, Zac, and we grabbed dinner in Park City and headed up to the Oakley Rodeo. SUCH a sweet little town (I would never live there, but 3 hours there was okay). It was a great rodeo...even though I had NO IDEA what was going on and I am pretty sure everyone could tell that I was out of place!

I love America, I love summer, I love my friends...overall, I loved the entire day!

These guys gave us a ride to the rodeo in the back of their tractor. Oh small town America...that's what it's all about!!

Zac Zurn = Easiest person in the entire world to be best friends with!

This girl is one of the most amazing people I know

These guys are the best. They knew I was having a rough time this past week, and there wasn't a single day I didn't hear from them checkin up on me. Love them. 

Added Bonus: Rylie trying to skateboard on one of those little finger boards

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