Friday, July 6, 2012

Game Time Decision

I must be getting older or wiser or something... 

No, not because at some point in the past year I started watching the news and listening to talk radio. 

Not because I have a grown up job and wear grown up clothes. 

But because I decided to not run the half marathon I am signed up for tomorrow. I have had the WORST headache for over a week now. Last week I literally laid in a dark room and threw up for a couple days. This week, I have had to lay in a dark room with a crappy headache more than I have been enjoying outdoors and running. That's when you know it's bad. Normally, I will run races with ulcers, stomach flu, headache, injuries, etc. BUT, I decided that it wouldn't be wise to put my body through a half marathon when it is already struggling. I am pretty bummed I won't be getting up at 4am and running (I know, I am strange). I was even hoping for a PR, because this race is totally downhill. There will be other races. And my mom told me that I have absolutely nothing to prove by running this race when I have a major headache. Moms always know best!! Luckily, I have 3 more races in the next few months to work towards. 

See you next year Hobbler Half!

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