Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nothing Makes My Week Like A Killer Sale!!

Yesterday during lunch, I decided to go check out the Anne Taylor Loft by my work in Sugarhouse. BEST DECISION EVER!! Everything was 50% off, and then I got an additional 15% off with my Loft card!! Ever since that magical lunch break, I have been permanently smiling!!

This week has been soo busy, but sooo good. I'm exhausted, but couldn't be happier. I have just realized lately that you can't take the "average" moments for granted. It is those simple times when we will remember having the most joy. When I look back on memories I have with people that I miss, I always just remember the most simple, casual moments when I was truly happy and experienced pure joy. 

Here's some random pics of the week so far: 

My dad and Austin are gone for the whole month of July, so Cath and I have mastered girls nights. S'mores ice cream, reading magazines, and the Bachelorette are MUSTS!

I got these cute blue pants at the Loft

I also got these red pants with the top

Instagram version of my shopping happiness!!

My mom took Alex and I to California Pizza Kitchen. I had some super delicious hummus! 

After, we got all crazy domestic and made skookies! I was the official photographer...

Homeboy has some mad cooking skills!

While we waited, we had some fun with fatbooth on my phone!!

I'm not even kidding, we literally sat and WATCHED them bake for about 20 minutes. The anticipation was KILLER!

Fresh out of the oven! YUMMM!! 

The artistic finished product!!!

Tomorrow, Cath and I are headed up to Salt Lake to the Nordstrom Pre-Sale Event! 

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