Thursday, March 17, 2011


So apparently my lifestyle and MTV reality star's lifestyles are the EXACT same!! When people ask what I have planned and the list includes gym, tanning, and laundry they say, "GTL?" apparently that's a real thing that happens on Jersey Shore. Maybe I should go on MTV with my own reality TV show?? I think that is a definite possibility.

So my post-basketball life has been pretty grand. I have really enjoyed spending time with my friends, talking on the phone with family, working out, going tanning, sleeping, etc. It's fabulous! I always thought, "When basketball is over I will have so much more time to study"...the thing is, now that I have all day Tues/Thurs and every afternoon free...I have just filled my time with leisurely enjoyable activities and forgotten about homework completely! No worries though, I am still putting the STUD in STUDENT as I got a 100% recently on an exam. Never mind that I didn't go to the 2 weeks of lectures that the exam was on...we don't sweat that! So a few things I have done this week that I don't normally do...

  • Went to lunch 2 days in a row with my very very great friend T
  • Got a tanning pass to get a base for my trip
  • Worked out EVERY day, including walking for almost 2.5 hours straight while watching the BYU basketball game
  • Watched a Hulu documentary called, "Super High Me"...a guy smokes pot every single day for 30 days and doctors monitor to see what effect it has on his body
  • Got a box of St. Patrick's day cookies and had them for breakfast
  • Played indoor soccer and scored a goal!
  • Slept in until noon today
So, overall I am feeling very good about my new post-basketball lifestyle!! Here are some pictures...

At lunch with you are on my blog!!

Jen, Chief, and I before our game! We won!

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  1. oved talking to you, loved going to lunch with you..both times, and loved being able to see you!!! umm its really too bad we couldn't have gotten a better shoulders look a mile long. its all good, we just need to hang out more and take more pictures! love you so much! made the right choice