Friday, December 21, 2012


I am not even kidding when I say my life is INSANE right now. 

I got a little bit of a promotion, meaning I am training someone and taking on more responsibilities and working A LOT more. And driving a million miles every day. In a rental car that sucks way worse than Lebron. It doesn't even have an ipod jack. It is seriously ruining my daily commute. Yes, I have many first world problems.

I am TRYING to be good and continue the marathon training....

And in my spare time (there is none) I am studying for the GMAT. 

I am tellin ya, I am on the go non stop. I don't remember when I slept longer than 5 hours per night. Life is just SO BUSY right now!

Oh...and I am living at BYU effective January. That will make the commute fun!

So here's some AWESOME pics of me enjoying the winter and snow this week. I had a BLAST!

The night it snowed really really hard in Utah County, I was on my way the gym when my pal called and said he was going sledding and taking their snow dogs to pull them! So I totally ditched the gym and fortunately had all my snow clothes and my snowboard in my car (I keep them in my car at all times just in case...seriously though...) I really think that "Mushing" is my secret calling in life. I am really considering going into this professionally. 

I am LOVING this winter weather, but after Christmas it better be gone or I might start punching people. 

I currently share a bunk bed with  my niece Kali until I move to my place in Provo. She is the best roommate ever. She leaves chocolate on my pillow ever night. Best thing that ever happened to me. She's really sad I am not staying forever...I am thinkin this is probably her way of showing me what I could be having if I stayed...

After work, I met up with my pals and went night boarding. It was SO FUN! I am so in love with snowboarding it is ridiculous. I work like ten minutes away from Brighton and it was $20 after four. Best thing ever. 

So that's pretty much my life. 

Best part of being an adult = Christmas Bonus

Worst part = Working during the holidays

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