Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Best Kinds of Friends

In case you were wondering if I have gone completely antisocial lately and only hang out with my nieces and nephew: the answer is YES. 

I have decided hangin with those kids is way better than hanging out with people my own age. Kids are the best friends. They never let you down. They love you totally and completely for who you are, not who you have been or who you could be. They are the best.

Friday, we all had a big sleepover! The pictures are all out of order- biggest pet peeve EVER!

Jack put two balls down his shirt to have bigger muscles....oh to be young and naive again...

Some of you might wonder why all of these kids love me so much. It's a lot of hard work and chocolate bribing is a MUST!

Charlee is the happiest baby in the Beehive State

These two are best friends. Rylie wanted a picture with Charlee, but Char wasn't feelin it. She was more fascinated with Rylie's bow, which she pulled out right after this picture.

I seriously wish she stayed 2 forever.

Best cheeser ever.

We made a pillow bed, ate snacks, and watched Frosty the Snowman

The next day, we learned Rylie is too young for sleepovers. She didn't get enough sleep and threw a HUGE tantrum at the Quicksilver outlet. It was their last day in business in Provo and she was just as upset about it as we were!

I ask this kid to have a sleepover every single day. Every time she automatically says "NO!" very sternly. When she finally agreed to a sleepover, I felt so special...until she wouldn't sleep and woke up at 5am...

Apparently Frosty is best watched 1 foot from the screen. 

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