Monday, April 18, 2011

First I was sad, and then I decided to be happy

Leaving Cancun, discovering that Austin doesn't know how to frown

What a whirlwind of 30 hours it has been. I was extremely sad to leave my little paradise in Cancun.

Then, we landed at 10:30 last night, drove to Orem to pick up my car...and FINALLY around 1:00 am, I left my parent's house to Logan. Did you know from Orem to Thanksgiving Point the speed limit is 55? Neither did I. I got pulled over .5 miles from the speed limit changing back to 65. SO I got ticketed for 75 in a 55. Thank you retard cop for ruining my night. I just have so much money as a starving student that I would like to pay you for a ridiculous ticket when I am just trying to drive back to school in the middle of the night whilst NOBODY is on the roads or in danger. Awesome. Yeah, I was insanely pissed.

Got home at 3:30, woke up at 8 for classes. Went to an entire day of school whilst it's POURING outside and being informed that I have a huge "end of semester project" in EVERY SINGLE CLASS and finals in two weeks. Great!! That's awesome!!

Ran 5 miles. Thought I was going to die. That's what I get for taking a vacation!

THEN, I got happy news....

My new pet shark

I was registering for my fall semester, when I realized if I took on a little more this summer...I can graduate in December!! No more winter in Logan next year! In SIX months, I will have a bachelor's degree!! AHHH!! All day, I fantasized about my life as a college graduate. I'm pretty much waaaaaaaaaay stoked I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.


My roommates and I got a GREAT idea to go fish shopping. We kind of had an extreme impulse buy moment and bought a pet shark. His name is Kroll the Warrior King. He looks pretty rad. The guy that sold it to us asked if we had a "setup". We explained that we only wanted him for the next 2 weeks. He looked at us like we were murderers. I felt a little bad, but then the lady that checked us out told us he has a 14 day guarantee!! Wahoo!! We have him the rest of the semester! Did we buy a bowl? No. Did we buy food? No. Vanessa basically is very bitter that we bought a pet shark only to let it starve to death in its own filth. Jentry had a commitment freak out, saying that we could not commit to something as big as owning a pet shark. Basically...we will never get married. We can't even commit to a pet shark.

The shark already tried to commit suicide. After they found a large bowl and put him in it, they went searching for some paper clips to add color to his bowl (of course we didn't purchase any colorful rocks....I mean, we didn't even buy food!) They came back and the bowl was empty. There were some splashes on the table where Kroll had jumped. He was UNDERNEATH the table!!! He hates his life here. But who could blame him?? We looked up Bala sharks on wikipedia...apparently they are jumping fish. Thanks for the heads up Petsmart!

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