Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Treasury

Today I fulfilled my inner finance nerd dream. I toured through the United States Treasury. My friend Landon Finter (Fint) works there and for his last day, he gave us a tour. It was so exciting! I loved it so much, I really just ate the whole thing up. I am so sad that Fint is going back to Provo tomorrow...but WAY excited to meet up for J-Dawgs with him when I am in Provo in EXACTLY TWO WEEKS!

SOOOO excited!!

The Markets Room in the basement. Apparently Tim hangs out here a lot!

We got to see this really cool vault that once probably stored really cool it serves as a chair storage room!

This is the Grant Room. Back in the day, people used to be able to come to this room to receive their federal grants. They also had balls in this room where they would invite a man and his TWO female guests (That's why we have Fint with his two female guests)

A cool frame filled with currency

This is the view of the East Wing of the White House where the First Lady's offices are

This room is the "Johnson Room". Andrew Johnson set up his Presidential office in this room, because Mary Lincoln was still grieving in the White House. The Secretary of the Treasury at the time didn't want to give up his office, but instead allowed the President to have the front office to his office. Crazy huh??

The Undersecretary of International Affairs office. This used to be Tim's office when he held this position. 

We found Tim's office. He wasn't there though...they said he was busy or something...I can't imagine why the Secretary of Treasury would be too busy to see ME!

Just practicing to be the Secretary of the Treasury in the future...

Our crew. I'm gonna miss these folks :(


Sad he's leaving!

SUUUCH a neat place!!!

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