Monday, April 23, 2012

So Much Has Happened!

I am pretty sure I just set a new blog record. I haven't blogged since Mexico and SOOO much has happened out here on Capitol Hill!

First off, we got to see the last space shuttle being flown over the Capitol. It was cool to be a part of history!

Next, we got a tour of my VERY FAVORITE building! I got to go all through the Supreme Court! It was AMAZING! I was so intrigued by the building and all of the history that has happened inside of it. 

Last Wednesday two of my very favorite people came into town! My old roommates Ashley and Carlie came to visit and we had a blast! We hit the town hard too! We had some amazing food, good shopping, and saw TONS of sights! I was able to get some tickets to the White House garden tour, which was really cool to see the White House up close in the front. We also were able to see a Nationals game while they were here. The whole time they were here was a BLAST!

 I was sad to see them go, but I am SOO excited that ALEX is coming in a few days for the weekend, and then I will be home in TWO WEEKS!

Ready for a picture overload?? Here ya go!

The shuttle flying over the Capitol

Entering the Supreme Court! I seriously couldn't sleep the night before, I was soooo excited!

The court room is right behind me!

One of the meeting rooms 

There was just a random glass door in this staircase of the Supreme Court!

This basketball court is directly above the court room, making it the "highest court in all the land"

The awesome spiral staircase

The justices dining room!

They even use this awesome tea set!

The view of the Capitol from the Supreme Court

At the Nationals game with my two best buds!! It was so fun to have them out here with me!

 The White House garden tour! We seriously were SO close!

The view of the Washington Monument from the White House

Such a fun weekend! We did a lot of other tourist things, but I already had pictures of the American History Museum, the Archives, and the Holocaust museum! So glad they could come out and experience this magical city with me!


  1. love this! glad you had SO much fun!

  2. Awe. Some. I'd kill to see the space shuttle like that...