Friday, April 27, 2012


Alex flew in at 10:00 this morning from a red-eye flight, and didn't stop ALL DAY LONG. He is the ultimate tourist!

We got a lot accomplished today so that he could see all that D.C. has to offer! Here's how the day went down:

Lunch at Good Stuff Eatery (a favorite)

Capitol Tour

American History Museum (I sent him there while I finished up the day at work)

Natural History Museum

Washington Monument

White House

WWII Memorial

Vietnam Wall

Lincoln Memorial

Not bad for just one day eh?? He's a trooper! Here's some pics:

The Hope Diamond at the Natural History Museum

A massive snake! Scary!

I can't have a blog post without yet another picture of the Washington Monument!

The Man

The White House

The Snipers on top of the White House

Alex plans to move there some day...

My fat head cuts out the White House

World War II Memorial

My cute little tourist

The Vietnam Wall

It blew my mind how big the wall was and how many names were on it. A sobering experience. 

Alex and his favorite guy: Abe

It feels like we were never apart! I'm so glad he is here!

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