Friday, October 14, 2011

End of week exhaustion

Wow. It's FINALLY over. This week is the biggest blur EVVVVVVER. BUT, it's over, and I have a few days to breathe.

Few thoughts:
1. Being at school from 7am -10pm should really be ILLEGAL.
2. High heels are THE MOST inefficient way to walk around. ESPECIALLY across campus 500 times and up /down stairs.
3. I got a gnarly cut on my ankle from high heels.
4. The right combo of clothes/makeup/hair/high heels can make me very confident. I almost feel like I transition from a girl to a woman.
5. Interviews this week went GREAT. I feel pretty good about them, but I won't know for a little while. I got great feedback from the people who interviewed me and they believe that I would do great interning next spring.
6. That means I might be blogging to you from WASHINGTON D.C. in a few months.
7. Let's not get ahead of ourselves...I still have to get the internship.
8. I did my very first solo counseling session today and it went AMAZING!!! I had the BEST clients and I am still suuuuper stoked about how great the session went.
9. Confident Kelli, who went missing about 2 weeks ago, is now BACK!
10. Reading scriptures everyday makes a huge difference
11. I have some great people surrounding me at this point in my life, and I am very grateful for the people who are surrounding me and showing me so much love.
12. I think my legs are more sore from walking in heels all day than they are after I run 10 miles...just sayin...
13. This weekend is going to ROCK, because I get to spend it with these guys:

I plan on being very entertained the next few days!

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