Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

Yahoooo! Trrrrriple Tangent Tuesday!!! I'm sure that you all look forward to Tuesdays now because you can read my random tangents right? Okay...well...these are just going to come right off the top of my head, because quite frankly...I got nothin.

#1: Black and Red are the new pink. I used to wear pink ALL.THE.TIME. If you know me (or look at my pink blog, see my pink room), you know that I am obsessed with pink. Well, now that I have grown up (not really) I have worn more red and black. I loooove red nail polish lately too. So here was my outfit yesterday, and I absolutely loved it.

#2. HOT CHOCOLATE SEASON. I know that some people might consider hot chocolate as a "want". Well, I consider it a definite NEED. Why? I live in the coldest place EVER. If you ever want to move to Logan, you should probably consider gaining 20% more body fat to keep yourself properly insulated throughout the winter time. Since I don't want to be obese, I just drink hot chocolate constantly (which actually doesn't make sense...since it's pure sugar and will someday make me obese). I know it's waaay overpriced, but Starbucks hot chocolate is THEE BEST hot chocolate out there.

#3. I am boycotting running today. I know, shocker for me. Why? Because I came home from school SOOOO EXCITED because my running shoes are scheduled to get here today. Well, I waited around for an hour and they never showed. I refreshed my tracker (yes, it has been up all day keeping me updated), and it said "delivered to local store". What does that mean? The post office? The UPS store? Well, I went to the post office, and they sent me to the UPS store. The UPS store then informed me that they dropped it off at the post office. WHAT THE CRAP!? So then it was back to the post office. The lazy government worker who doesn't function on any sort of incentive informed me that she was too lazy to search for my package, and they would have it by tomorrow. Insert angry Kelli. Don't even get me started on government workers and how "anti free market" they truly are. Grrrrr. Therefore, I am boycotting running until I get those shoes. If I do poorly in my half marathon...I am going to go ahead and blame the inefficient U.S. government. I know, I am watching too much Fox News.

Interview with Senator Hatch's office tomorrow for an internship in Washington, D.C. this spring! Scary....

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