Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recent Addictions

Senioritis has taken me by full force. 

I am soooo done with this semester slash my undergrad education. I don't even care anymore, JUST GIVE ME MY DEGREE!! This past week, it has been REALLY bad. I just can't find any motivation. I am officially burned out. So what does one do to cope? Takes on new/strange addictions....

If you didn't realize how weird I was in the previous posts, you will know FOR SURE I am off my rocker now...

Lately, I have been buying a box of Eggo's (so nutritious right?) for just under $3 and eating them for EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL.
 Breakfast= Eggo with Syrup
Lunch= Eggo peanut butter sandwich
Dinner= Plain Eggo with butter

Next weird addiction? Kardashians.

This show drives me INSANE. It's one of those shows where you watch for five minutes and think, "Oh my gosh, who would watch this crap?"....2 hours later, you are still watching and can't get off the couch no matter how hard you try. You just HAVE to see what drama is going to happen to the Kardashians next!

Getting the newest edition of Runner's World every month is like Christmas every 30 days. I can't get enough of reading about if just going running wasn't enough...

If I don't get my running fix from running and reading about running...I watch documentaries about running!
Netflix documentaries can account for a lot of wasted time. I consider it educational, so it's more beneficial than watching the Kardashians, right? Some great documentaries I have seen lately are the 2008 Ironman Championships, Bigger Stronger Faster, The Spirit of the Marathon, and Running the Sahara. 

Whew. I really do feel better now that I have admitted my addictions. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step right? Okay fine, I have one more thing to admit...I have completely failed to pay attention to personal hygiene all week. 

Guilty pleasures + running > Washing my hair and shaving my legs.

Happy Fall Break!

P.S. - Wasn't Modern Family this week SOOO great?! Go BullFROGS!

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