Friday, October 28, 2011

Running = Science

Any ol' person would assume that running is a pretty uncomplicated sport. You throw on some shoes and run for as long as your lungs can take it. NOT SO. I will show you everything that is going into my performance tomorrow in the half marathon:

Prev= Amazing. I don't know about anyone else but when I run my stomach has a mind of its' own. Prev is the perfect solution. It's all natural and helps your stomach during running. LOVE IT

I'm not totally sold, but I am giving them a try. These suckers are supposed to make your legs less sore whilst running and recover quickly after running. People swear by em, we shall see!

Glide- Absolute MUST HAVE. Put it on all of your hot spots on your toes, armpits, in between your legs and no chafe. BRILLIANT. My favorite thing EVER!

Shot Blocks provide energy throughout the race by giving the running straight up glucose to use. They taste like candy!!

Lucky Socks- Nuff Said

Compression sleeves. This is a first for me. I am worried about my legs being too cold and not functioning well, so I got these. They are supposed to keep the blood pumping throughout the calf to avoid cramping and give you fresher legs. 

I got amazing words of advice from  SUPERMAN tonight! I am so lucky!!

Headband and gloves so that I don't get frostbite!

Of course the genius of running shoes will definitely be helping me out in this race. I LOVE THEM!

Ipod Shuffle loaded and charged!

Running watch all charged and ready to go!! (Thanks for the charger Shannon!)

Tomorrow is the big day!! I hope it goes well!!

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