Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

Some of you Life in the Sexy Lane regulars may have been wondering, "Where in the world is Kelli and why has she not updated her blog in 144 hours aka 6 days?!"

Well, there is a simple explanation for that...


I had to do a lot of grown up things also. Like do my first counseling session. Which went TERRIBLE in case you were wondering. I counseled for 90 minutes feeling really good...until the staff member spent the next 45 minutes giving me massive amounts of humble pie to eat. It was definitely a learning experience to say the least.

I also taught at the prison. It went GREAT. There were many highlights. One of the greatest was when I said, "What kinds of things are you guys saving your money for?"

And without skipping a beat, a boy (who might have been stoned) says, "DRUGS!"...All I could do was say, "Okay, and what else do you guys save your money for?"

I believe it went well, because my teacher emailed me the next day complimenting me on my presentation skills and how well I have done in the internship so far. EXACTLY what I needed to hear by Friday morning.

One thing I learned this week...Boots make you feel more confident. I will now be wearing boots with every outfit the rest of my internship. 

Absolute best part of my week: Finding a MUCH needed piece of chocolate. Words cannot describe the joy that I had when I found this little wonder. 

Next up: Going home for conference. 

I am not quite sure HOW this happened...but Dave talked me into going fishing again. I have never seen my dad so happy in my entire life than when he caught his biggest fish of the season:

This sucker was HUGE...I'm not going to lie though...I felt REALLY bad watching it die. I am not meant for this killing animals stuff...

My dad thought that it might win the contest up at Strawberry, so he went to get someone to weigh and measure it. This was the view that I had from where I was sitting. 

My eyes are forever scarred. 

And now, yours are too. 

HAVE A GREAT MONDAY! Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Triple Tangent Tuesday!

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  1. ew ew ew! oh my HUGE plumbers crack. why did you take a picture? so gross. haha