Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lake Powell

Woowzers!! This post is almost too far in the past to even care anymore! I kept forgetting about writing it and putting off getting pictures from Jessa...BUT...alas, you guys can enjoy Lake Powell just as much as we did, by looking through the pictures. I honestly was a slacker picture taker at Powell...luckily I brought my best friend Jessa with me who ALWAYS had her camera so it was perfect!! Lake Powell was a blast this year, just like all the other years...EXCEPT...I was soooo out of it. We drove down to Powell the afternoon after Jessa and I ran the marathon. We were DYING. Worst car ride EVER. But once we got there, we were so excited to do everything, but the only problem is that our legs wouldn't function properly and we were sooooo tired the whole week. So most of the time, I spent sleeping, laying out, or reading my total "Nerd Alert" book about Finance that I thought was very interesting!! It's called "On the Brink" by the former Sec. of Treasury Hank Paulson, good read...if you like finance and the economy. Overall, it was a fab trip and I just love Lake Powell. When Austin was little, he always said he was going to live alone in a houseboat at Powell...I secretly hope that he does so that I can visit often! Okay, so here's the trip in pictures:

Awesome View

Driving down- we stopped at the petting zoo and we could barely stand up!

At the end of the trip everyone's looking pretty ready to get home

The last night, we always do facemasks so that we will have clean faces when we get home

Giving Jessa the stink eye in our tubing war...


We went on a trip to Dangling Rope and got ice cream!

Loooove riding the seedoos

The first night, we all paint our toenails. Josh WANTED the hot pink. How could I say no to that cute little face?

Jess and I after skiing

This was the day after the marathon and I had just skiied

Little miss Kali acting crazy

All the girls in the front (yes, Sean is a girl) chattin about Nicolas Sparks books!

So there you have it! Lake Powell. Such a fun trip and so glad I got to spend a week with my family and friends. Shout out to Jessa for all of the pictures!! Thanks girl!

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