Thursday, July 14, 2011

The place to be!!

I CANNOT get over how many people are at Yogurtland EVERY SINGLE TIME I go there. They are BOOMIN! Its one of those places you feel like you have to get all dressed up to go, because you never know who you will would never go alone because that means you are the ULTIMATE loner! It's crazy how busy that place is!! BUT I love it. It is the perfect place for the non-commitment freak like myself. I don't have to make a decision. If I want chocolate, I can add a little bit but not feel committed. I can then add rasberry or strawberry or whatever I want to it. Can't commit to just one topping? Just use em all! It's great!!! I love getting to the topping spot and adding all their different kinds of fruit and making my dessert experience a little more "guiltless". So, Yogurtland is my new go-to Frozen Yogurt place. They accept my commitment issues, and actually enable me to become more of a commit-a-phobe! It's great! Here's some pictures of the night:


Luke and I

Cute Parents

I couldn't do it hands-free! Maybe next time!!

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