Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Princess Photoshoot

So today I was on babysitting duty for my two nieces: Kali and Rylie. Honestly, I was pretty worn out after work and wasn't really in the mood to deal with kiddos (by the way, I have a HUGE amount of respect for working mommys...I have NO IDEA how in the world you do it)! So, I got to my sister's completely exhausted. Kali wanted to play Barbies, the one thing I hate the very most in all of the land. I wanted to watch Tangled. Then, we came to a PERFECT compromise. We decided to get all dressed up and do a photoshoot. Kali LOOOOVED this idea. She got all dressed up and got Rylie all dolled up and we headed outside. It actually turned out pretty good! I know that I am no profesh like my good friend Holly Robinson , but I was pretty happy about how they turned out for my little point n' shoot Canon! It helped that I had such professional models...prepare to be completely overwhelmed by the cuteness of these two girls!

Rylie, the most smiley child in all of the world WOULD NOT smile.

Kali said, "Kell, you better put these on your blog!"

Kali wanted some "booms" (that's what she calls boobs) to fill her dress

The stuffing came out a little

I decided to jump in and get a pic with each kiddo, even though I wasn't in my princess attire.

This was the face the WHOLE shoot. She was TICKED cause it was during naptime, which of course is something that I NEVER abide by when I have the kids cause I wanna play with them as much as possible. Once we got inside and pounded some Oreos, she was happy as a clam!

So there ya go, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

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