Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The "Go-To" List

Everyone has a "go-to" list that changes quite often. It is the list of things that you "go-to" at different times in your lives. Although I am quite predictable aka everyone knows my favorite "go-to" drink is Diet Coke w/ Lime and my favorite "go-to" workout is "go-to" list changes ALL THE TIME. Here is my current "go-to" list as of TODAY:

My "Go-To"....

Candy: Yellow Laffy Taffy

Drink(s): Diet Coke w/Lime, Diet Mtn. Dew, and Orange Monster

Treat: Yogurtland

Song: Rolling in the Deep- Adele, Country Song: Dirt Road Anthem- Jason Aldean

Workout Song: Til the Night Ends- Britney Spears, Blow- Ke$ha

Shoes: Sanuks, Reefs

Running Shoes: Nike Frees, Saucony Kinvaras, Mizuno Wave Creations

Hairstyle: Down, with my bangs out of my face

Gum: Extra dessert delights- mostly strawberry shortcake and keylime pie

Lunch: Chicken Tostada from El Azteca

TV Show: The Bachelorette

Snack: String Cheese, Beef Jerky

Person to Call when I feel awkward: Katie

Person to Text when I am bored (I only text when I am sitting still w/ nothing to do): Luke, Tyler, Jessa, Jenna, Carlie

Favorite Day: Sunday, I love sleeping in and not feeling pressure to be productive

Book: On the Brink by Henry Paulson

Place to Relax: Riding my bike

Store: Nordy's clearance rack with Cath

"Winding down activity": Blogging of course

Favorite thing to jump-start me in the morning: Reading health/fitness blogs, love em!

So there you go! It was hard to think of 20 things on my "Go-to" list!! You should try it!

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