Monday, July 25, 2011

Catch of the Day!

Lesson Learned: NEVER let a six year old handle your camera with her sticky Yogurtland filled hands.

Why: Because for the next FIVE days, you will take pictures that don't quit look right, and your computer can't fix and no matter what settings you try to change, you won't be able to figure it out... until you look at your camera lens only to find a big sticky finger print directly on the front of it ruining all of your pictures that could've been THE BEST EVER...and then you will be depressed.

Moving On...

For the 24th, my parents wanted to go fishin. I am not a fisherman AT ALL. My dad has had a fishing boat for FOUR years...and I have refused to go for the past four years. My beliefs were that fishing is just an old person's way of saying they went "boating". I was NOT down with that. I am too hyper-active to be a fisherman...but I went...

My cup said, "Today is going to be a glass half full kind of day"...perfect for my attitude.

I told my fellow fisherman that the contest was ON and I was going to catch the biggest fish...guess who caught the biggest fish? Yep, yours truly!

This is pretty much mine and Austin's relationship in a picture...or how we feel about going fishing with old people instead of wakeboarding and skiing.

To help curb the "fishing boredom" , I made my mom promise that she would play travel Scattergories with me. If you know me, I am OBSESSED with that the point that my family won't play with me anymore. This was a joyous occasion, even though I lost (but STILL, I caught the biggest fish)...nuff said.

We decided to go swimming, so my dad said we needed lifejackets...these were all I could find. I am happy to say that I fit into that little Youth sized life jacket AND it actually kept me floating!!

Notice how it's all blurry RIGHT where my cool action shot is? Kali's fingerprint. Thanks A LOT!

This was Dave's big catch of the day: Seaweed!! Wahoo!

Silas kept catchin baby fish, by this point he had accepted defeat and admitted that I had the biggest fish of the day!


Since we were fishing, we needed to use the fish setting on my camera!!

Seal's fishy face is my new favorite thing

THANK YOU SILAS for fixing my camera! Look how much better it looks compared to all the other ones!

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