Sunday, July 17, 2011

2 Reasons why I am not ready for Motherhood

Today I was given 2 MORE reasons(I have about 500 reasons already) why I am not capable of mothering children any time soon.

Situation #1: About 2 months ago, this little girl came to stay at our house for the weekend...

We had church during her nap time and she was getting cranky. Being the "good" aunt that I am, I came up with a brilliant plan to help this little girl (and myself) survive church during nap time. I shared a can of Coke with her. She LOOOOVED it! AND, she made it through church no prob! What I didn't realize at the time...was that she would never forget her love for Coke. Today, my sister called me, because Allie was bawling in the background, because she wanted Coke. My sister informed me that I am no longer allowed to say "Coke" around Allie, because she will want it!

Situation #2: I was at a family party when this little girl got cranky and needed a bottle. I was given instruction to take her home and give her a bottle. Easy enough task right??

This is what the kitchen looked like by the time Rylie got her bottle...

Formula spilled alll over the counter

Salsa fell out of the pantry...

How do moms do it?! You have one crying kid in one hand...and you are trying to make a bottle with your other hand! It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to do it mess-free!! Lucky for me, I am A-OKAY being the favorite aunt and forgetting about motherhood for awhile!

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