Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shopping Hurts

Wow. I am BEAT. Why? Because I have been non-stop shopping for NINE hours! Yes, Cath is so much more hardcore than any other shopper in all of the world. By 4pm I laid down and said I was done. Her reply? "No, we gotta pound the pavement for 2 more hours!" Yes, I'm the girl who runs marathons...but I am telling you, shopping is SO MUCH more hardcore. Cath and I have been on a roadtrip up to Logan all day long stopping in at Boutiques and TJ Maxx (three of them) along the way. Here's some pics:

Cuuuuute little boutique in Bountiful

Chicken Salad Sandwich at Cutler's in Bountiful

I got these cute red Sanuks. I loooove em

Sugar N' Spice in Logan. SOOOO good!

This was one of the three. We have a thing for finding treasures in TJ Maxx. I love it, because you can always find that ONE amazing item that makes your trip worth it. By the third trip, the treasure hunt just wasn't the same.

FINALLY, dinner at the Beehive Grill in Logan. SOOO yummy!

We stopped at some other places, but I forgot to snap a picture. Overall, LOVED today and shopping with Cath. Next time, I am going to "train" for a few weeks to be able to keep up with this shopping animal!

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