Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Patrick!

I am absolutely sick. I really have not felt this sick since Thanksgiving of 1997 when I didn't know how to monitor how much food my body could handle. Tonight was a similar case. Tonight, Patrick's parents took the family to dinner for his birthday at Rodizio. Usually, I can eat just the right amount so that I will be satisfied, but not ill. Tonight, I had a different strategy. I decided to eat a lot really fast. That way, I could eat more without feeling it. BAD IDEA. I would NOT recommend this tactic to the common eater. I feel SO sick. I honestly am DYING. The food was sooo good going in, but sooo not worth it. I honestly dry heaved like three times, but no luck. I'm not a trained bulimic, so all that food just stayed put. Woof. Now, I am laying on my couch feeling like I am 500 pounds while the rest of the family is still out celebrating. They are so much more seasoned when it comes to eating at Rodizio tactics. I should've followed Austin's example. He got quadruple the amount of food, yet gave his body a little time to process it, rather than the "all at once" shock that I did. Here are some pictures from the dinner...

Can you see how chubby that meal has made me?! I didn't realize how instantly you could see the consequences!

Aweee cute!

Allie has recently become very patriotic and carries American flags with her to Brazilian restaurants.

Rylie LOOOVES grandma!

You can tell Kali was just as overwhelmed by all the food as I was.
Austin on the other hand looks like an ol' pro


I can't get over how trained she is at smiling for the camera

The birthday boy and his very preggo wifey!


Allie's dream come true: All you can eat
(Notice Rylie posing in the background)

Seriously!? What 1 year old poses that well??

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