Thursday, July 21, 2011

Car Wash!

Today, my great friend Kali came over to hang out with me. She is starting to freak out because I am heading back to Logan in about a month, so she is making all sorts of plans for us to have "girls day out" and sleepovers. Today was sleepover day. When she came, I talked her into helping me wash my car. She got a kick out of it! She told me that she wanted to wash cars when she grew up and I would be the best mom, because I let kids wash my car. We had a great time! She got so into it, that she wanted to wash all the cars in the neighborhood...I talked her into washing mine and Austin's, because I had a major craving for Yogurtland and knew Kal would love it just as much as me! It was a great day, and I loved spending time with my favorite buddy. In fact, she is laying next to me (actually more like on top of me) while I write this. What can I say? We do EVERYTHING together, even Blog! Here's some pictures:

Washing Austin's Car

"Kelli, do I look like a model?"

"How about now?"

My clean and shiny car!!

I rode my bike for an hour just before this, that's why I look sooooo good in this pic!

Kali's Yogurtland toppings: All candy

Kelli's: All fruit...with a little pinch of fruity pebbles for the added kick! I looove it!

Kali and Grandma. She was past the point of being good in pictures by this point.

GREAT DAY! I love this kid, and I am going to miss her so much when I head back to school!

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